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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Olive and Rhubarb............

Heading to see dd and son-in-law today, as we haven't seen them since Christmas, so thought I'd share the latest photos of their "children" Olive and Rhubarb.

This is Olive asleep on her dad's leg. 

And here is Rhubarb:

Enjoy your Saturday!

10 super stars left a comment:

They are gorgeous, one of our old cats used to love sleeping on legs like that ,lol.X

Pretty kitties love their names ! Have a good day !

Oh I love Olive and Rhubarb and LOVE their names. Have a great weekend. B

Hi guys!
We've heard all about you.
Jane's cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh that's gorgeous. Cats are so sensible. Enjoy your weekend Gill.

I am officially in love with Olive and Rhubarb!!

Such sweet looking cats. Seems they
love just hanging out.
Still thinking about adopting a cat.

Cute 'children!' Since it is apparent they like cat people, be sure and tell them to look up the Simon's cat videos.

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