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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Would you like to say hello to the newest member of our household....


We brought Millie home on Monday night, so sorry about the quality of the photos.  Millie is around 4 1/2 (we were told 6) and is a beagle. She was originally brought into the shelter last August.  One of the volunteers took her home, but her dog didn't take to Millie and so she was brought back to the shelter.

They were telling us at the shelter that beagles are often at the shelter especially in hunting season, as hunters bring the dogs up to hunt and then dump them which is just awful.

I will post more photos as the days go by in the daylight.  She is a smaller version of Molly; hopefully minus the allergies.

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Oh Gill she looks gorgeous! I hope you will have many happy times together
Judy xx

Hi Gill,
What a great news!! I'm happy to see your beagle Millie. Love her so much because she really looks like my ex pet beagle Annie.

Awww! Congratulations Gill she's lovely :)

She's lovely Gill. How awful that the dogs are just dumped , and how wonderful that there are people like you to give them a loving home.Fingers crossed for no allergies!

She is so cute! A's best friend has a beagle who had puppies a few months ago. She got to play with them and hold them before their eyes even opened. Her friend got to keep one and A loves to go over and play with both of them. Beagles are so sweet. Congrats!



Ahhh ,bless . She is beautiful .
she will never replace Molly , but will hopefully fill that empty space. Enjoy .XXXX

She is beautiful.She looks like she is a real sweetheart.

She looks so sweet - hello Millie.

Congratulations. I hope she has a smooth transition into your home. I think it is wonderful you are taking a rescue dog again. All rescue dogs come with a little bit of baggage, but she looks gorgeous. Good luck xx

How wonderful! You are such a nice person to give an abandoned animal a new, loving home. God bless you!

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.........Millie......oh she is beautiful....bless you ...please give her the biggest hug and kiss from miss h. Xxxxxxx

Awww, congrats on your new baby. What a lucky girl she is to have a home where she will be loved like she should be

Once you've had a dog a home seems so empty without one. We've had 5 dogs over the past 17yrs (still have two of them right now) and all but one came from a rescue society. They've all been great with different personalities. Hope you and Millie have a great life together. That pooch is some lucky, she's hit the gravy train at your house.

An excellent addition to the family! She will love your home & property (and of course, her new owners).

She is such a sweetie-pie!!!! Oh, what a cutie. We have a real soft spot for beagles in our family and lucky you to find such an adorable new pet. I hope everything works out with her!!!

Very, very cute! Hope she gives you many happy memories!

hello gill
she is so cute!!!!
i hope you will many wonderful times and adventures together!
have a nice day,

Millie is gorgeous. We just adopted from the London humane society.

Welcome sweet girl!
Aunty Jane xxxxxxxxxxxx

Awww, what a beautiful young lady. Congratulations on the arrival of your newest family member. :)

Millie, great, people who take in rescue dogs, great, huntsmen, idiots!

Congratulations on the new member of the family...she is a beauty.

Millie is adorable, sending her a hug.

She's lovely! I would love a beagle and hadn't thought of a rescue one. Puppies are hard to come by here but I'll start investigating.....

She is adorable! So glad you have made a new home for her.

She's adorable. I keep going back to look at her pics. I think Queen Millie should be her title, as she looks very regal up on her throne.

Lovely that you have a dog about the house again, hope you have lots of lovely adventures together :)

Awww!!! She is lovely & will be well loved in your home! :)

Welcome, Millie! I look forward to seeing more photos and hearing of all your adventures with Gill!

She's beautiful may you have many happy years together xxx

Congratulations on your newest family member Gill. She is adorable!

She looks like our beagle girl Cherry. Congrats to Millie for finding her forever home.

How lovely! Congratulations on the arrival of your newest bundle of joy.

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