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Thursday, January 3, 2013

$100 doesn't go far in the quilting world....

I had $100 to spend in Christmas money so I decided to stock up on some Sulky thread that was on sale.  Unfortunately only certain colours were on sale, they are normally $8.99 a reel, when did thread become so expensive?  I use grey though to piece things together and I need the beige for a couple of projects I am going to be doing.

With the other $50+ I bought five metres of fabric.  I got everything on sale for $10 a metre as it's normally up to $17 a metre.  The store is closing down.  This fabric is for a certain project but I can't tell you what at the moment, but they are fun prints aren't they?
Even after buying everything on sale I still went over the budget by spending $101.68 :o(

On Wednesday afternoon I ventured into the attic to mend a pair of dh's pants and then decided to get my quilt block sewn for the mnth of December , as the club meets on the 10th.  I really like this block it's called Clay's Choice and I love the oranges.  The key to this block is how you press your seams, follow the instructions carefully.  I have never sewn with orange before have you?

Spent part of Wednesday afternoon preparing a couple of meals.  I bought another bag of reduced mix veggie, same as these mentioned here  made broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, that we'll have with Pillsbury Country Biscuits and the carrots we're having with homemade pasties, mashed potatoes and gravy.  The liquid in the jug is the water from the dish I steamed the veggies in.  I like to water my plants with it when its cold.  Heard it was good for them?
Oh, and my laptop has died.............I hope this isn't what's going to happen all through 2013, things dying?

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Hi Gill,
Happy New Year!
Look forward to seeing your handicraft work!

So sorry about your lap top. Those fabrics are great!

You are right, thread has gotten expensive as have most things "quilty". When I started quilting, back in the early 90's (1990's, I might add) it was a reasonable craft now it is like a major investment. I like the fabrics, I bought some a while back quite similar to make placemats from. I haven't sewn with orange but I did buy a variety of oranges a while back on sale because I like the punch they add -- sort of like a bit of yellow. Don't worry about 2013 being "that" sort of a year -- you just need to start out with a new laptop!

Sorry about your laptop that is sad for you. Quilting is very expensive but I can see you are going to have tremendous fun with it.
I am hungry after seeing your food on the stove. B

Good grief, YES, fabrics are incredibly expensive when bought new. I like to buy curtains, tablecloths and sheets at the thrift stores and cut them up for yardage (so much cheaper). I find actual yardage there as well - although good cotton is harder to come by.

I love, love, love, the colours of the threads.
Jane x

Awww that sucks about your Lap top, was there last year and had to by me a new one. Love the fabrics ! Anything that brings pleasure in way of Homemade seems to be way over the limits in the cost department !

What a cute block!! You are sew right thread is crazy expensive I always hit the 50% off sale and stock up. I am going to do my best to use what I have on hand for a few monthes for sewing, I have way to many leftovers!!! Sorry about your laptop, maybe she just wants a break after the holiday

Yes, I have sewn with orange before...in baby/kid quilts. Ever since I saw THIS quilt I have longed to do an orange quilt though.

Isn't it amazing how much it costs to make a quilt. And I have people offer to pay me to make one, and they would probably faint at what just the materials cost.

I like the fabrics...they would make good kitchen curtains.

yes quilting is expensive. I like your new prints. What ya going to make with it? I'm not an ornage person...sorry. Like roses.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product with the coffee prints. The death of the laptop is a small down, lots more ups to come. :)

The orange quilt square is very pretty!

I've never heard of watering plants with cooled water after cooking vegetables but I bet it works as long as you haven't added any salt.

Yes, thread is very expensive!! I try to grab a few when they're on sale as well as they add up soo quickly!! LOVE the coffee fabric, it's soo cute!! :) Bummer about the laptop... we bought our last one 'refurbished'... saved us a few hundred $$$.

Hi Gill. I came by to return the blog visit and the follow! I had to chuckle at the title of this post. I don't think $100 goes very far anywhere these days. :)

Quilting, or any type of sewing for that matter is not a cheap hobby. I get most of my stuff on sale or discounted too.
Your comfort food looks so delicious - it's ham and salad rolls for us tonight as it's too hot to cook!

Not entirely a bad thing to NEED a new laptop; at least you are not upgrading just for the heck of it! I haven't crafted for a few years and want to get back into it, but I haven't decided yet which craft, because it is a big investment!

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