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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update on my hand(s)

If you're new to the blog, I had my right hand carpal tunnel operated on at the end of November 2011, for the second time and my left hand carpal tunnel operated on in February of 2012.  My right hand hasn't been right since and was aggravated a lot in November when we held 'R' baby shower.  It seems that me doing all the cooking for 55 wasn't a good thing!!!

The hand surgeon told me at the follow up appointments, that it may take up to a year for my hand (s) to heal properly.  So after the baby shower I decided to visit our family doctor and get appointments to have all the testing done again before going to see the surgeon.

I saw the surgeon last Thursday and here is what is wrong.  Oh, I should have warned you to get a cup of tea before reading this!!

I have basically abused and over used my right hand/arm.  I have done something with the tendons and have something similar to tennis elbow.  There is a problem with the carpal tunnel nerve again.  I have arthritis in my thumb joint and pinky/baby finger.  I have weakness in my right hand.  All the scans and tests though show my left hand is worse, but other than the thumb joint I don't feel a thing in my left hand.  I also have a fatty deposit/lump on the base of my middle finger so every time I grip something it squishes it and it hurts like crazy.  My fingers fall asleep and I experience tingling in them.  The wrists also ache like crazy.

She can give me a cortisone shot in my wrist to ease the pain and can put a needle in the lump to try  and drain it.  I wasn't happy about either things, as both gross me out and as I said to our doctor; he never has to fear I may slit my wrists as that is icky.  No one including me wants to operate on my right hand, with me being the major opponent to that idea.  I am right handed so do not want to lose the use of my hand. So for the next six weeks I have to baby it and no heavy lifting and to wear my splint on a night.

Now in theory that sounds like a fine plan, but that's easier said than done.  Dh has been working super long hours, we have had a bit of snow and last Friday the wind blew the snow over the driveway and blocked us in.  Dh didn't finish work until 10:30 pm; he left the house at 4:30 am so I didn't expect him to dig out the driveway, so I did it.  We needed logs for the fire so I brought them in.  I am trying though not to lift as much as it is so sore.

However the one thing I was so grateful for was that someone actually believed there was a problem with my hand and it's flipping sore.  As unlike a broken leg or arm, you can't really see anything wrong with it.

The bone scan also showed that I have arthritis in my shoulders, knees and feet, which wasn't all together surprising.  I got a referral from our doctor to see a registered massage therapist, as my poor shoulders are killing me, so they might be able to knead out the knots in them.  Dh's insurance will pay for $500, so I am hoping to go half a dozen times to see if it will help.

So there you go, sore hands especially your dominant one is not a good thing!

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the message therapy really helped my husbands back and shoulder(he's a nurse so repeated motion)

good luck!

Lordy, that doesn't sound good :(

And in a way, it's most annoying when things aren't visible!!
I do hope the therapy helps you and is enough money to cover it.

I hope you have a nice relaxing day!!

I am so sorry to hear that your hands are so bad. I find that wearing splints during the day stops you from doing things. Its a way of forcing you to slow down.Is there anyone who could help you when Hubby is at work?

Glad you are getting answers, I agree it is hard to baby your hands for 6 weeks.

Bring along your gun up to my place and we will do the deed together ! Harder to rest it then said, isn't it, but do try Gill. Is there a neighbour that can blow your lane out on occasion?

Oh Gill I am so sorry you are going through this. I have had carpal tunnel for ten years I chose not to have anything done about it as two of my brothers had the surgery and it did not help, they were lucky it did not end up like you. I know how horrible this is when you are trying to do anything. Your hands are part of your daily life.
I wish I lived closer I could truly come and help you.
Take care. Hugs B

Hi Gill,
So sorry to hear your hard condition, especially in cold winter. In my case when my wrist ached badly, acupuncture did work.
Anyway I hope your hands will heal soon.

I could do the injections bit...and the draining of the lump..but massage? I run for the hills!
Jane x

Gill, I am so sorry you have so much pain and yet so much to do. Doctors always say "take it easy" but it isi easier said than done.

Hope the massage therapy will help...

Oh dear, all your options sound horrible. I know how hard it is to rest your hand, but I am going to back up some of the other comments, Try Harder! We nag because we care. Look after yourself and enjoy a bit of relaxation xxx

So sorry to hear your hands update. On the bright(er) side, take the time to care for them so they are in good shape for the start of gardening season.

Good wishes to you Gill!

Ouch! I hope the massage therapy helps a bit. I understand how it must be hard to rest it/

Goodness me that sounds painful.

I have carpal tunnel in my right hand - I've had a job that required a tremendous amount of computer time for just over 15 years. I wore a brace for quite a while, moved my mouse, & still have to be very careful to limit my motion.

Please take care of yourself - it's such a painful & limiting thing!

Yikes, none of that sounds good at all, especially since you are not one to stake it easy! The massages should do wonders though, because often when you released the muscles, the tendons release as well. Try shiatsu, it doesn't feel great right off the bat, but a day or two after the treatment, you will be amazed with how much better you feel!

Well, your poor hands and hope that things can be managed without surgery. It all sounds very painful. Thanks for stopping by my recipe post tonight. Your fish dish sounds delicious. Would you post the recipe some time please? Thanks!

Oh Gill I am so sorry for your pain:( I hope you take it real easy for the next few weeks. That is sooo hard for us women to do!

Well...I guess I can see why you are not really liking winter.....bloody hell...that's a lot to deal with...I am so sorry....do rest as much as possible....sending healing thoughts...xx

Gill I wondered over here for a catch up and it seems things aren't so good, I'm really sorry about your pain, I'm like you, I would just get up and get things done as well... I mean what else can you do? I hope you're feeling better soon xx

Very hard for you to be living in a country home where things just need to be done. Will you be moving to one of those condos of the week? (Just kidding!) I hope you get some relief soon.

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