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Monday, January 28, 2013

Grocery shopping.........

I went grocery shopping on Friday, and thought I'd share with you some of the deals with you.

My first stop was Bulk Barn.  They had a $3 off coupon when you spent $10.  I have been wanting a tea ball for a while and at $2.99 that's the cheapest I have seen one yet.  Also bought some of their loose leaf tea and it was good.  I bought the black mixed berry Rhodiola and really enjoyed it.  So after the $3 coupon I paid $9.55 for what's in the photo.

I then popped into Zehrs.  Must admit I got a few good deals there.  The bread was 25 cents a loaf after coupons.  The box of PG Tips tea was free with a free product coupon.  The small tin of Tetley tea was 25 cents.  The box of Presidents Choice tea was $3.50 for 216 bags.  All in all I spent $53.24 and used $16.69 in coupons and $4.40 in 50% sticker savings.

Finally I popped into Sobeys as they had the "good" milk on for $3.99 a 4 litre bag.  They have a February 22nd expiry date on them.  The buns were day olds and I got the bag for $1.99, so spent $9.97 there.
All in all I spent $72.76 on Friday and I spent another $7.15 on Wednesday when I bought a bag of milk and 2 dozen eggs.  So my totals for this week was $79.91 spent and $25.06 in savings.

If you can check back in with me on Tuesday as I will have something very good to share with you!!!

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Now I am all a tingle, waiting for Tuesday. :)

Great coupon savings to be having Canada.

Coupons are not widely available in Ireland :-(

Wow you did great I cant wait to hear whats coming Tuesday though

I know about Tuesday. I'll be here with knobs on!!!
Jane x

Wow what great deals you scored! I love filling the house with coupon/sale deals. I have never seen milk in a container like that, is it a bag?

Gill I have been keeping track of my weekly/monthly and yearly grocery shopping and deals as well. I don't take pictures because the kids are unpacking the groceries as I am still bringing bags in from the car, however I post my buying for the week on www.thefarmgirlfiles.blogspot.ca
if you are ever interested in seeing. It keeps me on budget.

Having more snow today? Winter blast here this morning.

Coming from the states, I have never seen milk packaged like yours. Is it powdered, what's the 'good milk' - versus 'the bad'? Ours come liquid in half gals. or full gallons. Bess

Really good deals. I stalk those pink stickers as well, to stretch the pennies. Is it Tuesday yet? :)

Lots of good deals Gill!

I'm very intrigued as to what's coming tomorrow :) :)

Great savings. I've got my Bulk Barn coupon all ready to use.

Gosh! It would be great to get prices and deals like that up here. The majority of coupons in SuperStore are for things I simply don't eat, so just not worth it for me. Great job, though! Curiosity is piqued for Tuesday now... :)

Great deals! I have never been to bulk barn but heard they have some good deals.

Looks like a good bit for your money...wondering what you will have to tell us tomorrow!

Looks like some good deals! I especially like buying things in bulk so you can determine how much of a product you want to buy.

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