Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Isn't she a little beauty..........


After working my tail off for the past couple of days, I decided to run errands on Wednesday.  Both my hands were killing me, so a slower day was in order.  I started off the day by going to the hospital to get some x-rays taken of my wrists.  I have an appointment to see the surgeon on December 28th, and needed up to date x-rays for some reason.  If anyone is a nurse, could you tell me why I need x-rays for carpal tunnel?  I have had the neurology (I think that is the correct word) testing done, so I figured that would be it?

You would be ever so proud of me, I parted with a pile of magazines and dropped them off at a friends house.  I still have all my Prima magazines, but the pile has been reduced considerably.  I know its only a baby step, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

In the afternoon I decided to go to Cookstown to the Antique Market where I spotted this little beauty:
I am going to use her as a bedside cabinet in the spare bedroom.  I got 20% off as they were having a sale and she cost $108 plus taxes.

On Tuesday night I knocked over the lamp on the desk and did this too it:

Please ignore the coaster, I made that before I knew the correct way to quilt.  While at the Antique Market I found it's twin:

I ended up paying just over $30 for it at the same place.  My base is nicer, so I will get dh to switch it over when he gets a few moments.  I must say I was shocked at how much desk lamps are, or at least the nicer ones.  So I thought my $30 was a good price.

I saw a gorgeous chair, with terrible fabric on it, but good bones.  Don't think I will be able to persuade dh to go and take a looksie though....but you never know (wink, wink!!)

All in all a positive day and got some good jobs jobbed as I say.


JohnD said...

"If anyone is a nurse, could you tell me why I need x-rays for carpal tunnel? I have had the neurology (I think that is the correct word) testing done, so I figured that would be it?

If your surgeon is doing the right thing by you they will want to be sure that you have no structural abnormalities in your wrist/s that may interfere or impair the carpal tunnel release. This could be things like osto arthritic deformities, bone growths/spurs from previous injuries, foreign bodies (like surgical clips from previous procedures, or, merely mishapen wrist bones.

The neurological assessments, if they did not include radiological investigations but concentrated on nerve impulse studies would not necessarilly reveal this (tho' they could 'indicate'an abnormality!)

The furnishings look lovely.

~Carla~ said...

Beautiful little table! That's great that you could get another desk lamp to replace yours with the same shade too! You find such beautiful items, you have a great eye! :)

angela said...

Good job on the lamp. Just tell hubby that you would love to spend the day with him and slowly get him to the shop. and Oh my what a lovely chair, except for the cover, your so clever you could recover it in a flash.
I bet that will work.

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

The table was an "awesome" find, Gill. I love antiques, the quality of material & workmanship cannot be bought like it used to.

Janet said...

Love the bedside table -it looks in excellent condition and that was a lucky find to come across the same lamp -well done you ! x

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Great buy on the bedside table. It's beautiful! Sorry about the lamp -- *stuff* happens. :) Have a great day, Gil!

John Gray said...

john said it for me!

laura said...

Hi Gill!
Great find on the replacement lamp and I love that table!

I have issues letting go of magazines (not sure why?!) anyway well done on the baby steps.

Jane and Chris said...

I used to love that antiques mall, the mirror in the family room is from there.
jane x

EG Wow said...

Good buys, I think! I'm glad you were able to replace the lamp!

Kay L. Davies said...

How wonderful to find the banker's lamp for $30. I have one a friend gave me years ago, and I hate to think of anything happening to it!
The bedside table is adorable.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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me said...

We used to x-ray to diagnose carpal tunnel, in the olden days. I'm guessing you had plain x-rays to show if you have any osteoarthritis. It should have said why you were having the x-ray on your requisition.

The table looks fab!

Rose said...

You are the only person besides me that I have heard say Drat, drat and double drat! Oh, I know others say it just had not heard anyone. I love that little table you found...

As far as the coaster, as far as I know there are no quilt police so who cares. If you like it, that is all that matters.