Friday, October 14, 2011

The nerve of some people, Molly and a trip to the hairdressers.

On Thursday I went to the hairdressers to have a trim and styled in the style I want for the wedding.  Last time dh said it looked as though I had a wig on, so we went a different route this time.  The expression "dragged through a bush backwards," comes to mind with yesterday's style!!!  It was very puffy and a lot of product put on my hair to see if it would hold it's shape for numerous hours.  I am around 80% happy with it this time.  However, as my mother was saying she is never happy either with the way hairstylists style her hair either, so it's a family thing I guess.

Anyhow, as I was pulling into the driveway I saw a man pull up by the field in his van.  He got out and walked onto our property and picked a couple of mushrooms.  When he saw me looking, he got back into his van and watched me for a bit, but I didn't budge, so he eventually drove away.  Went up to the house, let Molly out and I looked out front, and there he was again.  He had turned around and decided to come back to get some more?????  We don't have a fence along the property line as we don't think we need it.  It is however private property and it is obvious it is someones property as all the grass is cut and looked after.

I walked down the field, and he had left one mushroom, so I picked it:

I cooked this mushroom for supper and it was good.
Finally, Molly.  Took her to the vets for her yearly check up and to make sure she is up to date with her shots before she goes to the kennels for a couple of nights.  Everything was fine and she suggested upping her medication to 1 1/2 pills per day to see if that helps her skin.

However we did get another bit of news, she has two lumps in her mammary glands and she will have to have surgery.  When we got her from the humane society we were told that they had removed some non-cancerous lumps in the same area.  I don't want to deal with this at the moment, as if it is bad news I don't think either myself or dh could make a decision so close to the wedding.  The vet was very good and said to keep an eye on her, and if we wanted them to check the lumps, just pop in, and we could wait until after the wedding to have the surgery.

Must say was a bit shocked to receive the news, it wasn't what I was expecting.


Kaisievic said...

Hi Gill,
Good luck with finding your right hairstyle - I am not good with hair either! Poor Molly, oh, I hope that she is okay. How long until the wedding now? and I can't believe the cheek of some people! Fancy stealing your mushrooms like that?

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

LizBeth said...

Most times those lumps are just fatty deposits. We've had them removed from DearDog twice - off his chest and underside. He has recovered nicely, though it looks a little ugly until the hair grows back. If they are left without treatment there is the possibility they can become cancerous after a long period of time. Now we have him checked when he's knocked out for his teeth cleaning.. . . . . Take it easy and "enjoy" preparing for the wedding. ~Liz

Jane and Chris said...

Gill, how did you know the mushroom was edible?!
I'm sure that if the vet thought surgery was needed sooner,she would have said. They are more than likely the same type of lumps as before.
Jane x

~Carla~ said...

Geez... Some people have a LOT of nerve!! Ugh! Are those Portabellas? Yum! I looove mushrooms! Sorry to hear about Molly, I hope it ends up being "nothing". ((hugs))

Rose said...

Sorry to hear Molly has more troubles...but doesn't sound like the vet is too worried.

I think the guy had a lot of nerve....

Jackie said...

Hope Molly is OK and the lumps turn out to be benign.

The mushroom muncher needs his ears boxing, cheeky monkey.

I gave up on hairdressers after my favourite one changed tack and became a travel agent, the couple I tried after her were terrible. So now I do it myself, cut, perm, styling etc., In York last week I was horrified to see the price of cutting and styling is around £35.00 and colouring £55.00 - (which I wouldn't use anyway)- and I imagine for a cut, perm and styling I would need a mortgage now!

Karine said...

If I were you, Gill, I would put up a fence! People seem to take a lot of liberty with you land and I would be miffed enough to make it clear it was my land and my mushrooms!!!

I wouldn't worry too much about Molly, if the lumps weren't cancerous the last time, they more than likely are not this time, especially if they took so long to come back. I will say some prayers for her :o)

Kim said...

I wanted to ask how u know the mushroom was safe too...have u picked them before?

Guess you need to keep an eye out and get them before he does!

Star said...

Oh, sad! these things always come along at difficult times, don't they. Poor Molly - I hope she'll be ok.
I almost wish those mushrooms would give that man a very bad stomach!!! What a cheek he had. Perhaps to stop yourself feeling too bad about it, you might hope he had just lost his job and couldn't afford to buy food? but it sounds unlikely, doesn't it.

The Witch said...

The absolute gall of some people. He probably thought they were magic mushrooms and was stoned. Do you have some signs posted now to say private property? I would invest in a few. This is just down right stealing.
Sorry to hear about Molly, but your vet was nice enough to know that now is not the time to have to make any decision.
The wedding is the main focus and when you look back at this you will realize the time spent was will worth it. I still love looking at my sister's wedding video. It captures the moment and when time passes on the memories will last a lifetime. My grandfather dancing with my sister ...Priceless.

Evelyn said...

I was going to ask how you knew the mushroom was safe also. poor Molly, my ddog has lumps too, under his chest and on his legs but they don't give him pain and the vet offered to have them tested for hundreds of dollars we didn't have