Friday, October 21, 2011

Home of the week and other stuff.....

Love this weeks home, other than the stone and stucco colour, bit to bright for my tastes.  Love the way it's decorated and they can leave the furnishings for me if they want, other than all that exercise equipment, as that is just more stuff that will need to be dusted from lack of use!!!  Also not sure if I want the upkeep of that aquarium, but too big for my tastes and it could be a salt water one by the looks of it!!

Will say I was puzzled by the photos of the place, as whoever took them did a poor job.  How many photos do you want to see of the front entrance?  Also the people in the photos was rather strange???  The kitchen had all that high shelving/display areas, again a dust trap.  Also the property taxes are over $30,000 a year, however I guess if you can afford to buy that house you can afford to pay the bills and cleaning staff, right?

I have no photos for today's post.  I left the house today to go into town as I had a couple of errands to run and I wanted to take advantage of a sale on at Zellars.  They had duvets on for half price and I picked up a decent one for $29.99, plus a couple of pillowcases for $4.98.  I had a coupon for a bonus 15,000 points when I spent $30 so took advantage of that.  Up to over 150,000 HBC points; I see I need 200,000 points for a $25 HBC gift card, so I'll keep saving up for them.

I also went to Zehrs and I got the following:

2 x 4 pack Astro Smoothie Drinkable Yogurt
1 x large tub Yoplait Source Yogurt
1 x loaf bread
2 x 6 pack Sausage buns
1 x 4 pack mini apple strudels
1 x pack pork chops (I think there were 5 large chops in the pack, hoping there may be 6 in there)
1 x 3 pcs Chicken Schnitzel, which we had for supper and they were yummy
1 x yogurt with fresh fruit and granola (they make in store)

Should have been $40.52, I paid $21.95 for a savings of $18.57.  Everything was on clearance, with at least 30 % off (meat) up to 50% off, other than the drinkable yogurt which was discounted by 60%.

I am also trying to plan and stock up on meal ideas for when we have company at the end of the month.  Need to make a meal plan.  I have made a bit of a one in my mind but do need to write it all down.


~Carla~ said...

That's quite the house!! Wow! I can't even imagine having a home like that... lol!

Great job on the shopping deals! We get all of our HBC points traded in for Air Miles & use them up that way. I think we have close to enough for $100 worth of Metro GC's now! :)

Jane and Chris said...

I want the kitchen, wine cellar, bathroom and indoor pool!
Jane x

Piece by Piece said...

You got some good deals, I am off to my RCSS once I get off this dang thing.
I often wonder about the chicken when it's on sale due to it being close to it's best before date.
Will look at the home of the week later.
Have a good weekend.

Scrappy quilter said...

You got some great deals Gill. Zellars surprises me sometimes with their deals. Hugs

Rose said...

I must say this is one my favorite, if not the favorite house you have shown...agree about the dust traps. but if we owned that, we could probably afford a maid.

Denise said...

No time to look at the house today but will pop back again soon. Just trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. Sounds really interesting though. Great deals!

Karine said...

I absolutely loved the home of the week! That is a saltwater tank though, they are a lot of upkeep.