Thursday, January 13, 2011

Odds and ends for Thursday........

I spent nearly all Wednesday morning on the telephone, sorting out bits and bobs.

Registered the washer and dryer for the extended warranty.  Spoke with the most polite, happy and sickly sweet woman there, I mean she was so polite and happy it was scary by the end of the conversation...LOL

Found a plumber to come and stick his camera down my sewage pipe!!!  I'll explain more on that when it happens, which should be one day next week...........I will be parting with $250 for the pleasure!!!

Talked with dd future mother-in-law..........known her and her dh for the past ten years and we get on really well.

Sent numerous emails and made a couple more phone calls, by that time it was 12 noon.

In the afternoon I had to snow plow the driveway, not because we had a pile of snow only a couple of inches, but as it was blowing a gale force the drifts were terrible on the driveway.

We went out when dh got home and one place we called into was Home Depot.  Would you believe they had all their lawn tractors out.  Had to laugh at that as we are still in the throws of winter, infact we have two snow storms coming our way over the next week.  So I don't think Home Depot has talked to Mother Nature about winter being over with!!


Anonymous said...

Crickey Gill, -12 and more snow on the way, although I would swop with knee high mud and 11 above!
Happy Thursday,

Fee Somerset/UK

Lib said...

Hard to find a nice person on the other end huh?
Oh the price of septic ,we just spent $ the wk. before Christmas on that!
Have agreat day!

Karine said...

Gee, I didn't know that the hardware stores followed the same sales patterns at clothes stores! Having the spring fashions out in the middle of winter!!! But what if I need a warm sweater or a shovel???

LizBeth said...

It's above freezing here. So thankful. We'll be up in the twenties at night for a few days. Looking forward to that.

Nice to already know the in-laws, and they'll be hers, not yours. That's even better. ~Liz

Scrappy quilter said...

I got an answer!!

Looks like you've been busy even if just on the phone and with e-mails. Hugs

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Gill! I was all ready for snow to fall here in Virginia, and it was pretty much a no-show-snow! Rats...Maybe next time! We are having a lot of wind which is giving the cold quite a bite!

It's funny you would have the lawn-tractors out at Home Depot--I noticed this week at Lowes they were putting the new grills and lawn-furniture out--I guess like Christmas they are just trying to get a jump on the season--But who is in the mood for that this time of year??!!

I hope you're having an enjoyable evening!! Stay warm!!