Thursday, January 27, 2011

DMC Light Effects Thread.....

I bought this magazine this week:

It had a free kit in it to make Christmas Gift Tags.

As you can see I made one.  Pretty simple but it uses DMC Light Effects thread.  I have never worked with that before and what a pain it was.  Do you have any tips on making it easier to use?

That's the window sill wood by the way, we have very deep window sills and they are all wood.

Dh was off on Wednesday so we had a trip to Ikea.  I haven't been there in ages.  I got the neatest dish drainer there, couldn't find it on the website to show you though.  I quite like this light fixture though. I find Ikea a great place but the style of their items are a bit too modern for this house.  Regardless it got dh out of the house and we saw a few things that we may want to buy in the future.

Must say though, I was pooped though when we got home, so I am still not 100% well yet, but am getting there.

There is a really cute giveaway at this blog if you want to enter?


Jane and Chris said...

We are planning a trip to Ikea,to look at closet systems, if they do not look too modern..haven't been there in over 15 yrs!
Jane x

Karine said...

Ikea is an exhausting place even when you are 100%! I love going there, but hate who you HAVE to go through the ENTIRE store even after you've found what you want in order to get to the cashes!

Star said...

I've been to Ikea once, in Milton Keynes. I found it fascinating and HUGE! I would like to do up a whole room from start to finish with their products, but like you my rooms are not that modern in theme so it wouldn't quite fit.
I did like their inexpensive kitchen equipment however. I wonder how it survives the years?

Lib said...

Beautiful ! You did a great job!

The Witch said...

Glad you and Hubby got to go out shopping together. Ikea is a fun store to visit and I miss not having one close by.
You Christmas cross-stitch looks lovely. I have never used that type of thread before though I love the DMC brand line.

April Fire said...

You need to check out Found this site again yesterday and have had a blast going thru the pages again. It's given me some great ideas to adapt and change what Ikea sells!

Anonymous said...

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