Monday, January 17, 2011

Wedding Update............

Haven't mentioned the wedding in a few days.  Dd is making great progress with all the planning.  So far she has sorted out the following:
  • The venue is booked, and they will be getting married at the venue also.  Not sure what was/is going on with the officient?
  • The photographer is booked.
  • The DJ should be booked this coming week, as they are having a meeting with him.  I have met him and he's a really nice guy............not that, that really counts, but just thought I would mention it.
  • She knows what sort of flowers she wants for the bouquets and I think she is going to do them herself.
  • The table centrepieces, she knows what she wants and again will be doing them herself, and I must say they will be really neat.
  • My dad is making a fruit cake for a one tier wedding cake; and the other main wedding cake, she knows what she wants and she has a baker in mind who will make it.
  • I am making the wedding favours, and dd knows what she is getting the kids for their wedding favours.
  • She has an idea on her wedding dress design, just has to find a one at the best price!!
  • She has picked out her colours and picked out her "theme."
  • She has bought the wedding invitations and is "making" them herself.  Which basically means she will be doing the embelishments on them, and making them very fancy dancy, without it costing her a small fortune.
  • They have got the first draft of the guest list done.
  • Bridesmaids have been chosen and have accepted, best man chosen and accepted.........not sure about the groomsmen situation though.
So all in all things are coming along really well.  I am not going into great detail on most things as we have a number of family members who read my blog and we want to keep a few things a surprise until the day.

Thank goodness dd is an organized soul and has some great ideas as it takes the pressure off the rest of us.  Plus she knows what she likes and doesn't like and isn't wishy washy.

So there you go.  Nothing exciting will be happening now regarding the wedding until at least March, as dd and fiance are going on vacation in February (been booked since last Fall), so want to leave everything else until when they come back.  Plus as long as they have the venue, the photographer and the DJ booked everything else isn't as hard to book.

Oh and my weight loss.....nil.......well acutally I did lose 10 lbs last week, only because I decided to shave my legs!!!!!  Must get back into the exercising again..........I guess..............


Valerie said...

Goodness, that's great progress, dd certainly knows how to move quickly. That's the beauty of having an organised mind, I guess. Don't worry about the weight, it's early days yet.

Piece by Piece said...

Your dd is doing well with all of her wedding arrangements.
You did good with your weight loss lol, if you do your underarms too, that could be another 5 lbs, and you would be well on your way to your goal.

Star said...

Glad to hear the plans are coming along well. Between you, you seem to be very well organized. It's fun to follow along with you, especially now that my David's wedding is over and moved into history!

Stephanie V said...

I'm so impressed with the amount of organizaton so far.

Love your weight loss program. I always weigh myself after the shower - that seems to have a beneficial effect! I think all that snow shovelling will be the answer.

Lib said...

Wow,Great Progress! :o)
Have agreat wk.

Iris said...

Don't let yourself become a whooly mammoth!

John Gray said...

planning a wedding would make me sick with worry!

Tracey said...

How organised!!!! I should shave my legs too.....or, I will just keep on wearing trousers!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Winifred said...

My she is organised! There's nothing like shaving your legs. Well maybe your armpits!

I need to lose weight too so I decided to swim more. Shouldn't have bothered. The last twice I arranged to go I ended up looking after sick grandchildren. Hey ho!

Anonymous said...

Well done DD, that is good going and they can go on holiday in peace now, the calm before the storm!

Janet said...

dd seems to taking all of this in her stride ! well done with the weight loss-you just reminded me I need to buy razors ! x