Monday, January 3, 2011

Wedding Venue Viewing..........

Went to see a couple of wedding venues, both lovely in their own different ways.  As with everything it all comes down to your own particular taste.  As this is dd and fiance's wedding it will be their final decision, and as yet they haven't got back to us to say if either one was going to be suitable.

One thing I do know for sure, is that I do not know enough about weddings and how they run.  It was quite interesting to see what both people who gave us the tours had to say; and both had excellent advise and do's and don'ts.  As one of them said, fall a few minutes behind at the beginning of the event and if you're not careful it could snowball into being hours behind............

It will be interesting to see if they pick either of these places or if they continue to search for that perfect wedding venue.  We are going to a bridal show this coming Saturday, so I am hoping that will give us insight into the ins and outs of weddings.

When me and dh got married, it was at our local church.  The reception was held in the market hall with a dance/disco afterwards.  All very simple and nothing fancy.  My dress and the bridesmaid's dresses were ordered by mail and we had someone make them up.  I have no idea why we did that.  I don't remember going to a bridal store and trying dresses on.  Mind you I was lucky and my parents paid for everything. 

We spent our honeymoon night at our home and then we went to Tunisia for our honeymoon.  No idea if it was for a week or two weeks?  I am guessing a week and I know we stayed near a place called Hammamet.  A lot of people came down with food poisoning, or with heat stroke.  I of course got the heat stroke, as you had to haggle for everything in the markets, so I was in my element there!!  Poor dh ended up having to take a Kamikaze taxi ride to find a pharmacy for me as I was that sick.

One funny thing I do remember, was the staff used to come into your room every night to spray the place with mosquito repellent.  I am sure they knocked first........they must have..........but then they used to just barge in regardless.  Our room was next to a couple who argued a lot as well.......also there were a lot of Germans staying in the resort, so when we went on bus tours, they would point the place of interest out in German first and then this time you had passed the point of interest.

I remember how blue the sea was and hot it was there.  Never been back, and why we chose that place to go in the first place.....because it was different from the usual places.  It was the first time that dh had flown or been abroad.

It's funny when I started writing this post I had no idea what I was going to write about.......


Denise said...

Sometimes posts just have a way of taking on a life of their own. Once you get started they evolve. This has been another fun read. I enjoyed your honeymoon memories. Mine was pretty straightforward. It was in Florida and everyone in the hotel was from Cuba. Not being too long out of England I found that all fascinating. Gregg had to convince me I didn't need a passport to fly down there from Washington DC. I couldn't understand traveling a thousand miles and not needing one.

CannedAm said...

I want to go to Tunisia. What a great place to honeymoon! :)

I thought you might want to check out this topic on frugal:

Tracey said...

At least your honeymoon was memorable! xxx

LizBeth said...

One of the things we do not miss about leaving the pastorate is doing weddings. You'll need a vacation after it's over. Maybe a second honeymoon for you and your own dh . . . but not in Tunisia! Bless you! ~Liz

Jane and Chris said...

Our honeymoon was one night in the hotel we held the reception in (Coventry),then travelled to our home in Lee on Solent(by train as we didn't have a car). I went back to work, then the following weekend we went to Falmouth (again by train) so Chris could rejoin his ship..... on the Sunday he sailed for six weeks. So, the first six weeks of married life I was alone!
Jane x

Jake said...

Good post love to hear about weddings.
If I had it to do again I would just go to a registry office and get married and splurge on a trip somewhere.
So glad we are past the kids' weddings, they were stressful to say the least!

Finally got the math question on Swagbucks but then the register wouldn't work so I gave up.

And in response to your comment on my blog no, we haven't had any nice sunrises or sunsets lately. But so glad the daylight is slowly
getting longer.

Shammickite said...

My honeymoon was a week in Cornwall.... St Ives and Polperro and Lands End and some other places that I can't remember. Not too far from homne as I was married in my local church in N Devon.
Reception was in a local restaurant, "The Galleon", I think it's a hairdressers shop now.

Karine said...

Thank you for sharing your memories, i could imagine everything as you wrote it! I'm sure the bridal show will be helpful and they're always so fun to go to from what I hear :o)

Sorry I haven't stopped around in a few days, I've been very busy with family gatherings!

The Witch said...

What a lovely post down memory lane.
We also had a very simple wedding at City Hall and then off to the honeymoon destination which is now our home. I remember flying into one of the airports at night and the Concord was there. It was grounded because of heavy fog. The pilot of the little plane we were on did a circle around it I think so he could have a better view. Sure wouldn't be able to do that move nowadays. I also remember being able to go and visit the pilot in the cockpit and Air Canada use to hand out toy airplanes and peanut snacks.
Boy I'm sounding old.

Star said...

Speaking as someone who ran an entertainment agency, mainly providing music for weddings and parties, may I suggest that you book the music at least six months ahead? Bands get booked up months in advance so you need to choose and get in quick.

The Witch said...


Thought you may like this post. It's the jam idea that you are thinking of with a little twist in seating arrangements.
Don't know about the seating thing but love the different toppers for the jam jars.

Lib said...

You will have fun with all the planning:o)
Have aGreat wk.

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

I'm so glad you're doing this wedding thing first, Gill! Heehee! I'll learn from your experiences ~ but we've got the girls.

Stephanie V said...

Funny how that happens when you sit down at the keyboard. I'm glad your post evolved the way it did. Loved your wedding and honeymoon memory.

I sewed my own dress as well as the bridesmaids'. The wedding was in a tiny historic church and the reception was in my parents home. We were married on the Saturday of a long weekend. Then it was back to work and school for both of us. It was just as happy an occasion as any of my friends' bigger weddings.
Good luck to you and dd.