Sunday, January 2, 2011

Confusing sort of day........

Kept thinking yesterday was Sunday, not sure why but was confused about what day it was all day?

It was so mild and wet all day on Saturday that it melted a big chunk of the snow.  We still have the odd patch and we still can't go around the top of the driveway, but at least when it does snow again we are back to square one.

So with all that snow melting I discovered numerous piles of dog poop that I had missed when doing my daily dog poop pick up.  I swear Molly poops for England.  She's like a baby, all she does is eat, sleep and poop.  Of course with it raining  she wouldn't go out, so I had to go out with her so both of us could get wet...........yes there is the word "SUCKER" stamped on my forehead!!

I was walking up the driveway from getting the newspaper first thing with her, when she spotted a squirrel.  Now I didn't see the squirrel so wasn't prepared for Molly to start howling and charging after it, with me jogging behind her trying to stop her from dragging both of us down the hill after it.  All I could think of was my poor old back!!

Got to love our newspaper person; hurled the newspaper in the puddle again,.  Now granted it is wrapped in a plastic bag, but the bag still lets the water in.  Took me until early afternoon to dry the paper out, so that I could read it {{SIGH}}  You would think when it is pouring down they could double bag the newspapers?

Made a couple of shepherd's pies in the afternoon.  Used the last of the potatoes from the garden.  Lasted pretty well I thought; guess I will have to go out and buy some next week though.

Sunday should be an interesting day, as we (me and dh) are going to visit a couple of wedding venues with dd and fiance.  So I guess the wedding posts will be starting up again.  However, between me and you despite the fact I haven't droned on about it for the past few days, "stuff" has been happening for this wedding, will fill you in over the next few days.  Getting the venue booked though is the next step though.

Thought this was funny:


Lori said...

That marriage symbol is priceless! We just got home--where there aren't snowbanks and roads are cleaned off--it's like an ice rink. Sidewalk to sidewalk thick ice. Lucky there are no hills here! (nope, no hills--our town is FLAT!)

Valerie said...

Oh your poor back. I know what it's like having a dog, but I don't know what it's like having wet papers delivered. Could you complain at the shop? Looking forward to reading about the wedding plans.

Piece by Piece said...

We have no snow left, isn't that nice? But I guess it's just making room for more.
Love the marriage symbol.
Hope you are successful finding a wedding venue.

Stephanie V said...

Funny, it seemed like Sunday to me, too. Must be time to get off holiday time.

Wet newspapers...yuck! I know exactly what you mean.

Angela said...

Our snow is gone - and tomorrow the holiday is over, we go home. I have just realised that we may find there a damp hat and scarf in a little heap on the lawn where the snowman has melted!

great symbol - could also be the bride and her father!!!

Lib said...

Hope today goes better for you!

LizBeth said...

I'll have to show DH the wedding symbol. He was giving me grief this morning about saying something about not wasting oatmeal. No big deal. Just suggested he make less so I don't have to throw out the bowl of leftover that gets pushed to the back of the frig. Ha!! Could be worse! ~Liz

LizBeth said...

PS He just showed up. Thought the symbol was very accurate! . . . . . . . He's had it!!!!!

Shammickite said...

I never know what the day is betweem Christmas and New Years, they all seem like Sundays to me, so no wonder you're confused! One more day to gao and everyone gets back to their normal activities, school, work etc etc.
My snow melted too, but I see more flakes blowing past the window today.

angela said...

I am glad you didnt go sliding down the driveway, although it would of looked funny.
The marriage symbol is hilarious.

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Your story about having to go out in the rain with Molly reminded me of having to go out in the snow with Abigail the other morning. I was up to my ankles in snow...wearing flip flops. Oy!

The Handmaden said...

Are you trying to tell us something about the way your marriage works Gill? heh, heh.
I actually cancelled our newspaper subscription because it kept being thrown in the gutter and was unreadable. You would think they would realise it's kind of important for the paper to remain dry!