Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remember Olga?

Well she has found her forever home  Someone is in the process of adopting her.  Isn't that good news?  Liz let me know about this, I see also a few more of the little ones are also being adopted, so all our prayers and donations helped I am guessing?

I have nothing really new to talk about at the moment, things are pretty quiet around here.  I did pop into town yesterday to pick up a few groceries.  On the way there I passed the gas/petrol station and it was $1.109, so thought to myself I would get some gas on the way back home.  Half an hour later came back and it had just gone up to $1.163.......I was shocked.  I know I haven't really got a lot to complain about as in Britain it's twice the price, but even so.  I am actually thinking twice now before leaving the house.  Mind you with it being cold and snowy, I don't need much persuading to stay home!!!

Got the heating oil tank filled up again yesterday.  Had it filled on December 17th, however pretty pleased as we only used around half a tank.  This time of year it's normally a full tank each month.  Not pleased at the price though it has gone up from .885 cents per litre in December to .932 cents per litre yesterday.  Back in June of last year we were paying .799 cents per litre.

Put some more change in my Daily Savings Box yesterday as well, already have $53 in there, so that's good.  I was able to cash in my Swagbucks again, so that is the third time this month.


Jane and Chris said...

Excellent news about Olga!
For some reason my link stopped working;it said that the page was no longer available, I was hoping that it meant Olga had found her forever home.
Jane x

LizBeth said...

Petrol is getting to be like WalMart shopping; when yu see something you want, get it -- or it won't be there next time when you need it! LOL

DearDog has tumors in his neck. Doing surgery Monday. The vet is optimistic. ~Liz

Karine said...

Gas here is somewhere around 1.20 a litre, a lot of people either drive to the States or Ontario to buy it as it's cheaper!!!

Jim said...

That is great news abut Olga, Gill! Lucky is she and her new parents.
Gas here in Nova Scotia has been 1.16 for a couple of weeks now......don't understand all the fluctuations in the prices.But I'm sure THEY know what they are doing.LOL

Lib said...

That WOnderful news:o)about Olga!!
Our gas is over $3 per gal.Heating oil $3.69 and up per gal.
Have agreat day.Still snowed in here.

Selmada said...

Fabulous to hear about Olga. I'm sure having some funds helped someone take the next step.

Its almost like gambling to try to decide when to refuel. Roll the dice or consult a psychic I guess.

Scrappy quilter said...

So did Koreen and now Davids also has a forever home too!!! God is so good.