Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sometimes miracles do happen.......

In my case, I actually wrote up a menu plan for this coming week:

Notice however there are no days of the week before each entry, but there are seven days dinner's/supper's there.

Went shopping on Friday morning at our local Zehrs and made out like a bandit with the 50% off selection.

Got a chicken pot pie for $3 and that will give us two meals for dh and I.  Got a cauliflower for $1, so while I cooked the pie on Friday night, I also roasted the cauliflower at the same time.

I got some stewing beef for just over $3, that is why the beef bourguignan is on the menu.  The beef sauce/pasta sauce was on for $1.99 which along with half price stuffed pasta will make another yummy meal.

I am itching to try this Red Lentil and Kale Curry recipe and this Curried Butternut Squash Soup.  I lucked out as our local Zehrs had the PC Brand of frozen veggies on sale for $1.77 a bag, so will be using the frozen veg in both these recipes.  I personally don't have a problem using frozen veggies in recipes.  I bought this package to use in the Lentil and Kale Curry:

Dh loves Omelette's and they are so easy to whip up with a salad.  So all in all I am happy with what is planned for meals.

For dessert we generally have a quarter of a sugar free jello/jelly package (made up obviously­čśĆ) with fruit added in it.  Sometimes with yogurt, sometimes just on its own.

I may make cheese scones using this recipe over the weekend, as they look so good and simple to make.

Do you use frozen veggies, or do you prefer fresh?


mamasmercantile said...

I prefer fresh but I do use both. Frozen veg is so convenient, when we had a vegetable plot we use to grow our own and then freeze it.

Iris said...

Hi Gill,

I used to follow your blog when you still lived out in the country and were planting trees (and breaking the occasional lawn mower). I have found my way back to your blog and just printed out the recipe for the cheese scones. They look so yummy!

William Kendall said...

My parents tended to go between fresh vegetables and frozen, depending on the type. Corn or peas would always be of the frozen variety.

angela said...

Frozen mainly in the winter. Especially in stews and slow cooker meals
Fresh in the summer. Especially if I grow them myself!
And while camping canned. We have lots of customs stops between the states here. So many times fresh stuff is taken off you, to stop the spread of fruit fly!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Good bargains. I use fresh veggies a lot, freeze lots while they are in season to use all winter. I just steamed a 10 lb bag of carrots that cosr $1.97 and bagged them in 2 servings sizes. I did all sorts of beans too. Enjoy your meals.

Evelyn said...

I like frozen, quick and easy and no waste

Maria said...

You got some great bargains there! I don't use store bought frozen veggies very much, but do freeze some of our homegrown items.

Jane said...

I haven't seen those frozen leafy greens - will have to look again! I'm a big fan of greens, truly!

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