Friday, May 1, 2015

Home of the week and other things.

This week's "Home of the Week," is not bad, but of course pricey at $1.8 million.  For that you get baseboard heaters, which means electric heat, which means EXPENSIVE!!!  At least they haven't taken all the charm out of the house, like last week's and it does have a decent size front and back yard.  Backs onto the Don Valley Parkway, so could be noisy; I'll pass.

I actually like the look of this week's "Condo of the Week."  At $740,000 with monthly maintenance fees of $355 it's not crazy priced like some.  Love the kitchen and the balcony/terrace.  Would make the den a second bedroom.  I would never buy the place, but do like the look of it.

The horse pills I was prescribed are doing a number on my stomach, but will persevere as I am breathing a bit better, and that means a lot; and yes I feel as though I am taking the larger pills!

Another new month is upon us.  Lets hope the weather continues to get better.  We have enjoyed temperatures in the high teens, low 20's centigrade, so very happy with that.  The heating went off yesterday, and here's hoping it doesn't come back on until at least October.  As I have mentioned before our bills in this house are a fraction of what they were in the farmhouse.  Our hydro bill was under $130 for the past two months, and remember I use the dryer now to dry the laundry as we can't hang it out.  Our heating bill for this past month was just over $80, which was a little more than normal?  Not sure why there, but still good.  I will continue to pay $75 a month year round on the gas bill as I find that way I can have a credit for winter months when the heating bill will be higher.

We still haven't had a house/property tax bill, as we have not been assessed yet.  I did see an MPAC car knocking about the neighbourhood last week, so am guessing they have or will be assessing us shortly.  Now some people have been in their houses up to three years and have not been assessed, so they will have a bloody big tax bill.  We will have been in a year in June, so we will owe a years money plus whatever we owe to get up to date.  I have been putting money away weekly so have more than enough money to pay for the year, plus what we owe to bring us up to date.

I wonder if everyone else has had enough common sense to do that?  The people who haven't paid in say three years, will owe at least $10,000 if not more for the three years, that's a lot of money to come up with.

Sorry if I didn't get to comment on your blog yesterday I was really tired all day, not helped by the coughing and the trips to the bathroom everytime I had something to eat..TMI?  (too much information!)


ChrisJ said...

The Don Valley Parkway???!!! I remember when that was built and soon afterwards we used to travel it frequently on our way up to Ringwood and Markham was just a blip as we passed!

Marilyn K said...

The antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut along with the bad. Try eating yogurt every day or taking some probiotic pills to replace the good bacteria. It should help your tummy troubles some.
You are very wise to plan ahead for your taxes. Get lots of rest and feel better.

Betsy said...

Your monthly heating and hydro bills sound very reasonable to me. We are also on the budget plan where you pay the same monthly, even when you're not using as much water or electricity which really helps in the heavier use months.
Such a wise woman, putting away money monthly for the tax bill. We also do that and it really helps when the bill comes due. Lots less stress.
Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Rose said...

I do hope by the end of this day that you feel greatly improved. Maybe your stomach will get used to the pill...I do a self-inflicted budget on my gas heat bill. At one time I did it through the company, but they were letting it build way, way up...did not take a month or two to let it even out. So, I just stopped and I take out so much ever month for heat.

Jane and Chris said...

I dream of bills like that!
Sorry that you are icky when you could be the gunk from your lungs that's ended up in your stomach..better out than in!
Jane x

DeniseinVA said...

The house is lovely but can’t imagine spending that kind of money. I loved the yard, but I guess if you were rich enough to have a house like that you could afford a gardener. The condo is a bit too modern looking for me, though the terrace is wonderful. Glad to hear the medication is working. I had the worst respiratory infection last year, never had anything like it before. We can’t hang our washing out either. I’ve seen people with a line in their garages if the door has been up. Still not as nice as that sun dried fresh smell after you’ve been out in the open air though, but keeps the electric bill down. Feel better soon Gill.

William Kendall said...

Keep getting your rest!

Pom Pom said...

You need some yogurt and be sure to take those horse pills with crackers!

Wisewebwoman said...

I drove the DVP for years, we even had a carpool on it when there were bushes in the middle. Long time ago now.

Those anti-bs make keg parties in the gut, hope you're feeling better.


Lynda D said...

I love your House of the Week. I certainly wouldnt say no if it was given to me BUT what is it with toilets in bathrooms. Its just not normal. LOL Oh, i know it is for you guys (up North) but not here in Oz. It doesnt make sense. If someone is having a shower or bath, no one can use the toilet. I have always had a separate loo. Even on the farm when it was down the paddock, the "dunny". I certainly would expect a separate loo if i had paid that much.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm surprised your heating bills are so reasonable! Sounds like it is much more affordable in your new house than in the farmhouse.