Friday, May 29, 2015

Look who is back from their vacation.......

Now just to muster up enough energy to start sewing.  I have a lot to catch up on that's for sure.

This week's "Home of the Week," is quite nice but of course pricey at $990,000.  Again it's all about location.  I love the roof line, and learned something new; it's called a "Mansard Roof."  I will say I do like the outside more so than the inside.  For city living it's nice as long as you don't mind being in such close quarters with all your neighbours!!

This week's "Condo of the Week," is a lot nicer inside that outside.  However even at "only" $470,000 I'll pass.  It's very sterile inside, or should we say "well staged!"  And I still can't get over the outside.  It reminds me of a hard done by, run down council estate, where the renters don't care.

So this week's "Cottage of the Week," is again a huge mansion with an equally as huge price tag of $2.7 million.  If you are looking for a never lived in house, then this is for you.  This one was custom built, but then the owner's decided not to move in????  It is a nice looking clean cottage/mansion I wouldn't mind owning, if it were only $270,000!!!

By the way, luckily I am thick skinned, as I don't know how many people I have talked to via the telephone or internet this past week have all said the same thing to me:

"Would love to see you, BUT, don't come anywhere near me until you are well!!"

But I want to share everything with you all....LOL


Wean said...

You certainly find out who your friends are when you are ill ! ha ha
can't blame anyone though, I'm sure they care about you, but understandably no one wants to catch your germs !
Hope you get well soon, it's been hanging on for a while hasn't it ?

Jacquelineand.... said...

I love the Home of the Week's exterior; the pink bathroom? Not so much. The interior of the condo is fine but the exterior is dire!
Cottage of the week is of such grand dimensions I would never be able to relax in it, although the catwalk does have a certain appeal.
Maybe the Home of the Week's exterior, with the condo's interior, with a touch of catwalk in the form of a widow's walk on top of the mansard roof? ;-)

Belinda said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon, so you can hang out with your friends again. :)

Nice to have the sewing machine back, I plan on getting mine out and using it this summer. :)

Gail said...

I have a few projects waiting on me to sew.

That is one big cottage! I would fear the water was come to close.

Have a wonderful day.

Cat Lover said...

Oh Gill I wish I was as crafty as you! I hope you all feel better soon.

Craig said...

The huge cottage is the only one I like but it is indeed a bit on the grand scale. But the waterfront living is nice. Let me check my wallet... nope I don't see 2.7M in there.

Bronwyn said...

Ooh! I'd take that cottage for sure! Hubby always talks about wanting to buy one but I always feel that if we purchase a second home, we'll feel we need to be there all the time. I'd feel horrible wanting to go away on vacation instead. And the cost of upkeep! Ugh. No thank you!

William Kendall said...

News of your illness travels fast!

Scrappy quilter said...

Nice to see you have your sewing machine back. Can't wait to see what is next on your list to sew up.

The Knitting Basket said...

Some things you just have to go the course alone!
Feel better and happy sewing

Betsy said...

The only sewing I've done recently is hemming flannel baby blankets to crochet around. I just can't get up the interest to do more right now. I do hope you all start to feeling better soon. There is so much "ick" still floating around out there. It's spring here. Why are we all still so sick?

Rose said...

I bet you are sure glad to get that baby home...I would feel lost without one.

I do love the the outside and inside. Don't care much for either of the others.

Lynda D said...

My pick is the Cottage. Ill have three thanks. Hubby said we could move to Canada.