I am a British born, living in Canada. Moved to the countryside in 2009 to a 1909 stone farmhouse. In 2014 we are going to embark on a new adventure with our home ownership.

Life is never ever dull around here and I always have a tale to tell!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

My very first selfie!!

Ds showed me how to take a selfie.  So I thought I'd try it out.  I think I forgot to suck my cheeks in though?
There is the fire pit somewhere under that snow where I put the ashes.
 When I took this photo the weather network said with the windchill it was minus 30 oC.
 Plenty of wood still to use, plus there is some around the corner, but can't get to it for the ice.
 I bring in around a dozen logs every day.  Here they are waiting to go inside.
Then here they are all the logs stacked up in front of the fireplace waiting to be used.  I got the other photo enlarged and back and it is also on top of the mantelpiece but no doubt will be moved when the home stager arrives!!

16 super stars left a comment:

Hello! Nice to put a face to the name ;) and what am insight into your life - it seems like such a rustic one. Looks cold in Canada - going to freeze when I come back!

we are so cold here too in the East. Wish i had a nice warm fire to cuddle next to!

Thanks for sending us your Artic Blast...lol! Cold here and don't know if I want to venture out.

Your cheeks look just fine what I can see of them! Ha It's 9 degrees here with the wind chill, I could use one of your face protectors!!

It sure has been cold outdoors but I'm glad you are staying warm inside!

Oh you are so adorable all bundled up in this blasted cold:) LOVE your framed photos if the stager was smart it would be the first thing prospective owners should see. Keep warm. Hug B

Brrrr! But it looks really cozy inside! Stay warm, Gill!

A very Canadian selfie! It's -12 and blizzard here in NS today.

Hey, we could be sisters!!
Jane x
PS When will this cold end?!!

We are getting that artic blast here too! Although the sun is out today, but it is still bone chilling cold. I have to go out later to go to the store as we are expecting another snow storm Saturday night and Sunday...Wish I had your fire place here. Keep warm!

You look like a real Canadian woman in that photo Gill! Snow, firepits, logs on the fire - just missing the Timmy's cup! Oh yeah, the stager probably got rid of it!

We have heard that your getting very cold weather in Canada. Stay warm and next selfie can be a summer one were we get to see all your lovely face xx

Yup... My last "selfie" looked about the same! ;)

Haha great selfie shot!

Looks too cold for me there Gill!

Stay warm and safe xx

I like your selfie but you do look cold or maybe I should say wrapped up against the cold! Thank you for visiting me recently. Nice to see you again :)Your fireplace looks so cosy. Aren't you glad you have a real fire to look at on those cold days and nights?

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