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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lets talk Toilet Paper!!!!

Which photo is the correct way to put a roll of toilet paper on the holder:


In my humble opinion A is correct, as it controls the amount of toilet paper you take.

Thought that was a fun thing to think about, don't you think?

Bitter, bitter cold day here again today, so I am going to clean out some files in the filing cabinet today and clean out the paid bill drawer.  A dear friend of mine Cheryl, had a goal of throwing out/getting rid of 25 things per week from her house last year.  She said it made a big difference, so I will attempt to do the same this year.  I am putting together a box of things to donate to the charity shop and so far must had at least 25 things in there.  Regardless it's a day to hibernate.

If its bitter cold or stinking hot where you are today, what are your plans?

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I go with A as well. Now that the holidays are over maybe I can keep more TP on the roll!! We are going to tackle the attic this year. we did it a few years ago but didn't unload as much as we should have. This time I'm going to be brutial!

Bitter cold here too; even with the wood stove on the furnace has kicked on. We are headed down South today, hoping the roads are good there and back. Stay warm. x

I pick A. it is so cold here that I can barely move, we have electric heat only so it just doesn't do it. thankfully there is enough snow out there that the pipes may not freeze.

B for me Gill! I always think it looks neater with the flappy bit against the wall rather than poking out into what can be a very confined space. Happy New Year from Dartmoor!

A!! We go to Costco to get our toilet paper now - it lasts FOREVER!!! Anyway, hopefully winter won't last too much longer now (I am planning on March being better than it was last year!)

Hi, Gill -- yesterday it was a gorgeous 70 degrees and today it is only going to be in the 40's. Today I will be working on a quilt. Not going out I don't think.

Gill, I honestly don't care ...as long as there IS toilet paper!!
Jane x
PS Ironing and bathroom cleaning to keep warm today.

Yes, a cold day here! I like the idea of clearing at least 25 items from my home every week.

Blizzard here and yes cold as heck to ! A is the right way to have the toilet paper . Good post makes one think about things that do not often get talked about lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

"A". Without a doubt. ;) And YES!! It's damn cold!! Brrr!!

Personally, we choose to go with B since that is the way that Benjamin can't unroll the whole roll onto the bathroom floor! The joys of having a 21 month old in the house! LOL

Here I am hibernating inside today as we are in the midst of a snowy day and it is too cold to go out. I will probably work on cleaning out our bill system from last year and getting it ready for this year, and of course work on laundry!

Hope you have a great day Gill! :)

Struggling to keep the house warm and the water running in my house in the Ottawa Valley. A wood furnace and a wood stove both going full tilt. I pulled my day clothes on OVER my night clothes this morning.

A is my choice also.
Bitter cold here too, staying inside today, looks like a sewing afternoon for me.
How many days before Spring arrives?

A for me. Apparently hotels use A because in small bathrooms that get steamed up if they went with B the toilet paper would stick to the wall. It has been a beautiful day here x

I am told that 'in the trade' A is called 'male' and B is 'female'. But I still think A looks better! happy new year [happy Loo year?]

In my house (full of men) on the toilet paper holder would be amazing.

Really, I don't care how it looks. I care if it is accessible. When I have to reach for a B roll, it is too far away. It can be as much as six inches further to reach and lower. I like A because it is always at the same height--top of roll. I had trouble reaching it. My ex would scream about how stupid it looked sticking out, that his mother did not like hers to hang to the front.

His mother did not live with us and only visited once the 14 years we were married. Those are fighting words for me because that was why we had to do things, because his mother did it that way. He refused to put toilet paper on the roll because he could not have his way. Then, he put it like B because he could. We had it all settled before we had children, but the children could not have reached tp the way he and his mother preferred it.

A all the way. Yes, he is my ex!

Oh, I am A girl whether toilet paper or paper towels...I need to get back to getting rid of things, too.

I read an article online that said most, if not all, motels/hotels use A. I also prefer A:)

You forgot "c". Where its on the floor because your husband can't put it on the roller. Or maybe "d"--still in the closet and the roller is empty!!

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