Monday, January 6, 2014

Eyelash Perming and other things.

Have you ever heard of or done eyelash perming?  I hadn't until my niece was talking about it on Facebook.  I couldn't even figure out why someone would do that until she said it saves you using an eyelash curler thingy to curl them???  After reading about it here, I will NOT be getting it done anytime soon........icky, icky, icky.

Nora is growing and is finally out of newborn diapers and into size ones.  Dd has her six week check up this week so will get Nora weighed at the same time.  We haven't seen them since Christmas.  We will be seeing them this coming Sunday at our little Princess' birthday party.

Saw this on Facebook and actually could actually relate to some of these:
However am I wrong, but shouldn't the YOUR in the title be YOU'RE?

Finally I am saving up my gift cards as I want to purchase an e-reader.  In my hopes of decluttering the house, I figured having an e-reader was a way of not having as many books in the house.  Any advise?


Evelyn said...

love the poem! could be anywhere in Canada! I have a sony ereader. I love it but I only download free books or books from the library system. I still use the real thing if there is something I really want to sue. hubby has a kobo and they are really good. The kobo store has lots of free books too. Highly recommend getting one but don't give up your paper copies until you can read them!

Leigh said...

In my little part of the world, they'd say "your" and think it correct. However, I agree with you, it should be "you're!" Very clever despite that! I got an amusing glimpse into your culture. :) The "You Know You're from..." done for the southern U.S. are typically stupid.

I do believe we're getting some of your winter temps tonight! Single digits F here will keep us all in a huddle by the woodstove!

And no eyelash perming for me either. I didn't even use one of those eyelash curler gadgets when I was into such things.

Anonymous said...

If we are correcting grammar, #7--- should read 'raging blizzard'....still cute just the same! Bess

Anonymous said...

I am still confused about perming your eyelashes...

Gill - That British Woman said...

J. so am I!!

boopnut said...

I like my Kindle Fire. I would love the new one that takes pictures and competes with the I-pad. I heard that Barnes and Noble, (the Nook) will be selling out.

Jane said...

My Kindle didn't last very long and something went hayhire with the screen. Now I use my iPad with my kindle account and like it better.
I could identify with all of those Canadianisms except for #10 - haven't ever tried moose! My daughter uses the eyelash curler thingy but she has longer eyelashes than me - maybe that's why - she's stretching them!

Jane and Chris said...

I've never even permed my hair,never mind eyelashes!
Jane x

Rose said...

First of all, I won't be doing the permed eye-lash thing either.

I have one of the older key-pad kindles and I have the paper white....and I loved the keypad, but with getting older, I absolutely love, love, love my paperwhite! Can read it in low light but yet it isn't the like the light from a computer screen.

Roger kept trying to get me to get the Kindle Fire, but if I had wanted color, I would have just used the computer or got an Ipad.

I have the kindle app on my computer, and when there are pictures, I go to the computer to see them...sometimes I do it as I read, sometimes I wait till I am done with the book and just look at all.

There is a ton of free stuff...I am sure I have over 800 books on mine, and have paid for maybe a dozen or so. (But there are free books for the Nook, too.)

If you don't mind color, I have a friend that got the Samsung Galaxy 3 and loves it...reads both books for the nook and for the kindle. She really, really loves it.

Piece by Piece said...

My two eldest grand-daughters took a course to do eyelash
extensions. They use individual mink hair, which makes it quite pricey, and they only last a few weeks!!!!.
I read "book" books so can't help you in that regards.
Stay warm

Toria said...

I have a sony e-reader & love it. I've heard the Kindle's are good, but you are restricted to buying from amazon. I refuse to be restricted to one store for my books, so I bought an e-reader that uses epub format.

Guimauve said...

I`ll jump in and add my Kindle to the list. I got it as a gift 2 years ago and didn`t think I would like it, quickly changed my mind, it is the BEST THING EVER! I have seen several different brands that look nice, the only thing I would suggest when you start shopping for one is to make sure it isn't back lit if you want to do any amount of reading at a time, back lit units are hard on your eyes.

FWIW, you don`t HAVE to only buy from Amazon for a Kindle. Just like you don`t have to buy ONLY from Chapters for a Kobo. You buy wherever you want/download what you want and if needed change it to the appropriate format to fit your unit.

EG CameraGirl said...

Perming your eyelashes? CRAZY!

I have a KOBO and like it. My sister-in-law loves her NOOK. :)

Cash Only Living said...

LOL love the Northern Ontario list! And no, I cant even imagine how they would get my eyelashes around teeny tiny curlers!

DeniseinVA said...

I think it's lovely to have two sweet little granddaughters. Lovely to buy girly things too.

Loved the poem.

It doesn't surprise me that people perm their eyelashes but would/could never do that to mine. For one thing I don't have barely any eye-lashes to work with and didn't even bother putting on false ones because of the barely no eye lashes, so perming, nope, don't think so.

John Gray said...

Eyelash what?
Bloody hell
So glad I am a scruffy bugger boy

bonsaimum said...

Eyelash curlers--what next! I started to twitch when I read about the e-reader and not having as many books in the house. Books, glorious books, you can never have too many. :)

Sunny said...

The thought of perming my eyelashes gives me the creeps. I bought a tablet recently and use it as an ereader, among other things. ;)