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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Shredding, shredding and more shredding.....

I have two big garbage bags (we have to use clear bags in Dufferin County) so far of shredded paper.  I have gone through the personal tax files, that more or less accounts for the bag in the front.  

We have bought two new homes in the past directly from builders.  I had forgotten how much paperwork that accumulates.  Found it interesting the faxes that were sent back and forth concerning problems.  Then of course the paid bill drawer, got six months worth of paid bills shredded. 

The four big files on the coffee table have to do with insurance and mutual funds.  I am going to get dh to sort those out, as I am lost with them.  Plus if it were up to me I would shred most of them!!!  We had a plastic filing box similar to this one:

We used it for receipts and warranties.  It wasn't very full and when I cleaned it out, it had only a few things in it, so gave it to ds and I will put the receipts and warranties from there into our filing cabinet.  I can safely say I have gotten rid of 25 things from the house this week!!

It is also my brother Nicks birthday today.  He has a blog here if you want to pop by and wish him Happy Birthday.  While you're there tell him to pull his finger out and start posting a bit more on his blog!!!  I'll let him tell you how old he is; but here's a hint it's closer to 50 than 40!!! 

Happy Birthday Nick and sorry about not mailing you a card!!!!  I am putting it down to my age and getting more senile!!!

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It is really something how we accumulate stuff, especially paper work. I need a good shredder.

That is a lot of shredding! It's a shame you haven't got a hamster or similar to use it as bedding!

I need to do the same thing this winter. We have several of those file boxes in the attic that I am sure needs a good decluttering.

It really is amazing how much stuff we accumulate! I applaud your efforts! And need to do the same!

happy birthday to Nick! He must be close to my age. I rarely shred, just toss in recycling after ripping in two. We have a shredder but it is old and slow.

Sorry to ask, but I am wondering why are you not burning those documents in your fireplace? I would shredd everything in the summer months but put it all in the wood fireplace in the winter months.

That's Chris's job! I'd throw everything.
Jane x

So, how often are you planning to get rid of 25 things from your house -- daily? I like the idea and could start with books! Have you been house-hunting? Am anxious to learn of your move.

Shredding my old files is something I plan to do today, it's amazing how fast all the paperwork accumulates. Also going to pack away the last remaining decorations from Christmas. It's such a shame all these lovely things are in boxes most of the year.
Hope you are staying warm....it's bloody cold isn't it?

Paperwork is the Bain of all our exsistances! Maybe the local vet will take your shredded paper, they always need stuff like that for their pet cages.

I did the same in the fall - we threw out a large cabinet where I filed EVERYTHING. I was able to get it all down to a couple of file folders - it's fun letting go!

I have to do a load of this myself. Happy Birthday to your brother, I'm getting a bit forgetful sending birthday cards too.

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