Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update on Bell Canada........

So the young guy arrived on Monday very enthusiastic climbed up to the satellite dish no problem despite the wind and ice.  Changed all sorts of things but NOT the connections on the cable from the dish to the house and figured he had fixed the problem.....YEAH for enthusiastic guy.  Turned off tv when he left the house and prepared lunch which took all of five minutes.  Went back into the family room and turned tv on; back to freezing and skipping again.........BOOOOOOOOO!!!

He was still outside in his van doing whatever, so I ran skated outside (driveway an ice skaing rink at the moment) and tapped on his window and told him what's what.

His response: "I'm sorry I have closed off the work order I can't come back in to look at it."

Me, after a minute of utter disbelief, "Okay fine I'll call it in again!" And I skated back into the house.

Got back on the phone again this time to the Montreal call centre and after telling him what's what he said he would send me a new box???  So I told him I don't want a new box I want a guy to come out and change the main cable or at least check and change any connections on the cable as there is nothing wrong with the box!  Suffice to say me and the guy from Montreal were NOT happy with one another but finally I got my way.

Another guy from Bell came out Tuesday morning and I told him what's what and within a couple of minutes, he had found the problem a corroded connection on the cable; at this point I threw my hands up in the air and said,"finally someone actually listened to what I had to say."

So he changed the cable and connections and went on his merry little way.  We explained to both Bell guys dh is an electrician, so he knows a little more than the average customer when it comes to this type of problem, but the first one just didn't listen.  The first clue that it was a household with someone who knew what was going on should have been the coaxial cable strung throughout the house, as it's not something your average homeowner would have on hand, other than someone who works in the field or maybe an electrician!!!

So there you are another annoying story about Bell.  If we move into town we do have another option for our tv etc.  However it is Rogers, and honestly as we have been with them, I am not sure which of the two would be the lesser of the two evils at this point???

Crazy buys painting trim and sanding, both icky jobs to my mind {SIGH}


Jane and Chris said...

It's always amusing when someone starts to waffle at Chris...then Chris launches into a detailed explanation.They stop trying to fob him off then.
Jane x

boopnut said...

I don't think it matters where you live, cable and phone providers are a major pain!

Cheapchick said...

We have Shaw and they are a pain, our only other option is telus but as we on a Shaw PVR not going to switch to Telus now. Glad you finally got it sorted

Jane said...

Hoo boy! I can tell you I dislike Rogers with a passion too. We're stuck with them so they can do what they want - we're at their mercy.

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

That all deserved a very very LARGE *sigh* ! x

Rose said...

How I feel for you in making the decision of which to try when you move. We just last summer changed tv providers...both the one we had before and what we have now seem to have the thing of having trouble right when we want to see something~!