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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rotten stinking headache.......

I have had a headache for the past two days.  No idea why.  I was in bed before 7pm last night to see if I could sleep it off.  Woke up around 6 am this  morning and it is feeling a bit better.  I had ran out of liquid Advil, so will head out today to get some.  They are my drug of choice when I get a headache.

Suffice to say I haven't visited anyone's blogs, so if you have anything exciting happening, please let me know as I don't think I will be on the Internet much again today, as I am still so tired from this headache.

Hopefully normal blogging will resume tomorrow!

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*passes you the super large bottle of Tylenol and a teddy bear*

Yes they are rotten; mine seemingly never leave, just lay in waiting to attack more at times. Rest Gill.

We haven't spoken in a week, so I know I'm not to blame!!
Jane x

Hope you are feeling better. You may want to try drinking lots of water to fight the headache off. I have read about this trick at The Simple Dollar and seems to work for me too.

Hope it goes away soon ! I get migraines from air pressure changes with in the weather ! Fell better soon ! It is another lovely sunny day here ! Spring is on it's way !

Sorry you are having to suffer with such a headache...wish there was a for sure cure.

Hope it lasts no longer. Headaches can take the life out of you.
Good thoughts.

Yes, do head out today while the sun shines brightly, before the 10-15 descends tomorrow. Hope the Liq Adv does the trick. Good wishes to you. :)

Hope the headache goes soon and you are feeling better. Hope you're not getting the flu X Rest up!

I had a migraine Sunday (good day to have a bowling birthday party) and have been fighting a headache ever since. Just can't seem to get on top of it this time.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

I sympathise with you. When I get a migraine, it lasts for four days and nights and I just can't function right. Only thing that helps is to lie on the side that hurts and press! Drugs don't seem to work for me.

Hope you feel better soon Gill. Rest up a bit. Take care xxx

Rest Gill take care of that head of yours. Hug B

Hope you feel better soon. I woke up with pounding headaches both mornings over the past weekend. Not sure why, but glad they went away.

Feel better soon, lots of rest in order I think.

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