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Friday, February 8, 2013

I haven't made these in years.......

Thursday afternoon I pulled out a dozen cupcakes/sponge buns out of the freezer.  They were the plain vanilla ones.  I had some homemade lemon curd leftover in the fridge so cut out a chunk of the cupcake and put some lemon curd in there, replaced the cake.  Melted some chocolate and put that on top along with some snow flake sprinkles I found.

So when you bite into them you will get the lemony surprise.

I had some leftover chocolate, so I added some rice krispie cereal to it and make chocolate rice krispie buns.  I haven't made them in years.
I had a lemon jello/jelly and a fat free vanilla pudding mix in the pantry, so I decided to make wibbly wobbly pudding with raspberries and a vanilla pudding mix topping.
I used the one small bag of raspberries I picked from the garden and there is enough for us for four days.

I am trying to clean out our pantry of things that have been laying around for a while.

I'll pass again on this week's "Home of the Week."  I don't know that area but $2.4 million seems awful pricey for a semi.  Maybe that's the going price for that location?  I would love to see what the attached house looks like from the outside and what this house looks like amongst the rest of the street.  From what little I saw from the photos the other houses look like more older houses.  So no doubt this one sticks out like a sore thumb?

I WOULD NOT be lighting that fire as if it blows back on those while walls what a mess it would be.  In fact I wouldn't dare do anything in that house in case I spilt something.  Having everything white doesn't make it a home to live in, but maybe I am messy so and so?

Is anyone willing to pay $7,200 a month to rent this week's "Condo of the Week?"  The condo is nice but is it $7,200 a month nice?  Nope.  However there must be a market out there for this sort of thing, otherwise they wouldn't advertise it.

One store I love to go to when in England is Lakeland Plastics  If it wasn't for the ridiculously high fees they charge for shipping I would order from them regularly.  They do however have a great selection of recipes on there for you to try out and here is the link.

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Oh yummy I will be right over:) B

You had a fab day Gill.
I love Lakeland such a shame postage is too high.

You were very busy in the kitchen yesterday with lots of yummy goodies.

Such pretty things you have made from your pantry!! Somebody is going to be eating good treats this weekend

Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congrats!

Jeanne Keep It Simple, Folks

For such a beautiful country,we do have some ugly housing!
Jane x

They look gorgeous - I'm a big fan of desserts!

I have put some Irish goodies up for grabs, you my be interested in entering....

I did not know that Lakeland Plastics did recipes. So I have learnt something today - thank you.

Look at all these delicious desserts. Did you have a party or something there? :)

Boy you're really on a roll - it you could just box up a few of those lemon surprise cupcakes and ship them my way I'd be ever so grateful. I'll even act surprised!

Hi, i'm pleased to meet you!
Good delicacy!
I'm trying to translate in english mi italian food blog!
You can find me here http://perleaiporchy-en.blogspot.it/

YUM!! Everything looks sooo good!

Why do we even look at these places? I mean, we never seem to like them...but I always look. I guess to see what people will buy?? I don't know...but I do know that you couldn't pay me enough to make me live in that home...I do not like one single thing about it...really dislike it. And don't care for the condo either, but not in the same category of distaste as the home of the week.

Your desserts look yummy!

Gill those puds look fabulous! Your granddaughter is going to love coming to your house when she gets a bit older! It won't be long either before she's wanting to help make them too.

Lakeland has just opened a shop near us so I went in to have a gander! Crumbs I never knew there was so much stuff I don't need but want. The cake decorating stuff is amazing!

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