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Monday, February 25, 2013

Batch cooking........

I will be working for the next two weeks and one thing I do not like doing is coming home from work and having to start on preparing a meal, so on Sunday I spent part of the day doing a batch cook so there would be meals ready for our supper and lunches.

I used two pounds of ground beef, one pound of ground pork and the pastie filling was already made up in the freezer.

From that I made a Baked Bean Lasagna, the recipe is here.  I did change it up slightly by only adding one can of baked beans and adding a can of chopped tomatoes in garlic and onion.  A Shepherd's Pie, two meals of Meat Pasta Sauce and the rest of the ground beef was sauteed with onion, ready to make tacos.  The ground pork was divided between the two pies.  In one there is onion and red pepper chopped and Italian Seasoning.  I also sprinkled a little Parmesan cheese on the top of the pie.  The other was onion and dried sage.  I would have put grated apple in as well but I didn't have any apples.

I made a batch of tomato soup, which we had for our lunch on Sunday and the rest we will both have for our lunches.  There should be left overs from supper that we will be able to take for our lunches.  I put a roast of beef in the crock pot to make Cola Beef which should last us a couple of meals and while I had the oven on I roasted a big tray of potatoes and a tray of cauliflower.  I LOVE roasted cauliflower.  All you do is break up the cauliflower into florets.  Toss them in some olive oil with salt and pepper and some Parmesan cheese and cook at 400 oF for around 30 minutes.  There will be enough veggies for a couple of meals.  The five Yorkshire Cornish Pasties, will do for two meals and I will put the spare one in dh's mini crock pot with some gravy for his lunch one day, along with some bread and butter.

So by my calculations I made at least part or all for 11 separate suppers and there will be leftovers for lunches as well.

10 super stars left a comment:

Wow! That is impressive! What work will you be doing, Gill?

Good going, can't beat a bit of batch cooking.

That is what I have done lots of Sundays too, Gill. So much easier then planning on the way home.

Yummmm, What a great day in the kitchen

Wow Gill can I hire you you are so good at cooking and baking and thinking ahead. Take care. B

Well done, I bet there were lots of delicious aromas at your house that day.

Obviously not expecting me to turn up for dinner then?!!!
Jane x

Wow! Great job! Wish I had the energy to do batch cooking, but don't. I am trying to be more intentional about getting dinner done before I go to work each afternoon though, so that when I get home I just have to reheat and eat.

now is it ground beef and pork ?
or could it be horse............

Wow everything looks so good. And pasties--I LOVE pasties! Yum!

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