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Monday, February 4, 2013

Look at the great deal I picked up on Saturday....

Yes it does look as though someone has cut all the flowers of these plants and indeed they have as they were dead.  However these are all either tulip or hyacinth bulbs and for the price I couldn't turn them down.  I have stuck them in the basement to die back and will plant them out in the Spring when the ground is warm.  Though I was just thinking about it, for you gardeners out there, should I wait until Fall?

Thanks for all your comments yesterday.  I wasn't angry, mainly bemused that someone could come up with such a dreadful comment without fully knowing the facts?

Sunday was a great day.  We never left the house all day.  Dh finished off the trim down the basement and stairs.  Now I have to fill in all the nail holes and sand and stain the wood trim that is inserted in between the tiles and wood flooring.  

I stained the stairs last week and the smell was horrible, not helped by not being able to open the windows or doors because it was so cold.  I am going to wait to varnish the stairs until I can open the windows and doors.

We had a cheats version of cabbage rolls for supper, the recipe is here.

If you have a moment you should pop by Cindy's as Lexus has just had puppies and they are gorgeous.  Her doggies have their own blog here.  For those of you who are mad about cats, Jane's 13 cats have their own blog here.

10 super stars left a comment:

How neat! I would love to plant flowers here, but they don't grow well and our growing season is 2 months at the max.

I totally understood how you felt about the comment. I received on once on my blog from an anonymous person and judging my parenting and my daughter based on something I posted that my daughter said to a friend...dd was 3 at the time and the person said criticized my dd. It upset me, but more upset me that the person did not know myself or my daughter and hid behind anonymous. HUGS to you.

Gosh you always find great bargains. :)

You lucky girl getting such a great deal as you did. The Fabulous Four are doing just fine with not even being 24 hours old yet, as is Mama Lexus. When Rob gets home tonight we will get to the matter of checking out their sexes and be posting an update. Just got caught up a bit on blog posts and was outraged at the comment you had been left. Who gives people the right to JUDGE, and really with bare minimum of facts even to go on ..as I said Gill, your heart is big and there is nothing to worry further about.

Definitely wait until you can open things up to do all the painting -- that stuff can be dangerous! I am sure the plants are going to be lovely -- not a gardener, tho, so can't help you out on a planting schedule! Looks like you got a good deal, though. Can't wait to see photos in the spring.

Aunty Gill, you mentioned our blog!
Purrs! (send some purrs to O and R too)
The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

Not only did you have to deal with the sadness of sending Millie back to the rescue center - an organization who should have been straight up front right from the beginning - but you had to deal with a very unkind judgement from this person, a letter which I've just read. There are those who are so quick to judge. It was a sad situation but no one should judge another without knowing all the facts. Just dreadful! Here's another hug from me. I've known you for years now Gill, I know you for the kind person you are. Nix to those negative attitudes, and that's putting it politely!!!

Almost forgot, great deals on the bulbs. I'll be reading the comments because I'm always looking for advice from more knowledgeable gardeners.

I was hoping to find the answer about the bulbs, too. I never know for sure what to do with them in cases like this.

It was interesting to see your cheat version of cabbage rolls. I need to bookmark that and try it sometimes.

What a great deal! Im sure they will bloom again in the spring!

Great find for the bulbs. And the recipe looks yummy. I'll have to give it a try.

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