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Friday, February 15, 2013

Isn't this the cutest......

I picked up this mini crockpot for dh for work.  He does not have access to a lunch room, but does have an office, so I thought this would made a nice change from sandwiches every day.  I got if from Home Hardware and it cost $19.99 + 13% taxes.

I'll let you know if he likes it next week.

On sale at Home Hardware this week are these cleaning products on for $8.47 for the three pack which is a good price.  They are on page 6 of the flyer.

This week's "Home of the Week," is different. A rather expensive different to my mind at $1.9 million, but I am guessing all those exotic finishes push up the price.The house has obviously been on the market since last Fall so I am guessing I'm not the only one that thinks its too pricey?  Do like the floors on the main floor; otherwise not my cup of tea.

With this week's "Condo of the Week," you are right downtown Toronto in the thick of things.  Though it's actually a townhouse instead of a condo, but you do pay monthly maintenance fees.  At $1 million it's pretty pricey, but I'd rather pay that than the $1.9 million for the house above.  Not a huge fan of all those concrete walls, they always seem cold to me.  The only reason I would live there though would be location, as it's close to the lake.

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You are jut cruel! I have a small one for sauce or gravy but tell me how this one works out because it would be perfect for work for either DH or myself. Or just for cooking small batches of something.

Yes I know I have a crockpot problem but its sooooooo nice

Love that Crock Pot what a great idea.
Happy Family Day weekend Gill. B

I will have to check out that crock pot as my hubby would love to have one at the project. Wonder who would clean it?! Ha

Neat looking little crock pot. It would of been perfect for when I was at work.

Couple of ugly houses this week!
Jane x

That is a cute crockpot...as for the home and condo...I like and don't like the home...don't like the look of the kitchen at all though.

Don't care for the condo at all.

Wow took them a Year to get them in, but they finally did I see. Let me know how it works out, Gill. Funny I had just came across when I had done the post about these last year. I can't wait to see how it works for you & hubby, as I think they are such a neat size/idea.

I bet everyone in his office will like the crock pot, especially when they smell stew or some other yummy things bubbling away throughout the day!

I love that crockpot!!!
So cute!
Have a great weekend!

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