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Sunday, February 10, 2013

After the storm, the calm......

Saturday was a lovely day nice and sunny, but cold.  So after dh dug us out AGAIN, I popped out to get my groceries and drop a couple of books off at the library.  I posted a couple of book reviews also on my book review blog.

No Frills had ham's on sale for a $1 per pound so I was able to pick up a smaller one for just under $7.   Managed to only spend $48.85, and had coupon savings of $9.92.  My monthly total however is $156.57 and my monthly savings is $50.81.  I had set myself a goal of only spending $250 this month, which I think is going to be hard looking at how much I have spent so far.  Do you set yourself a monthly goal on how much you spend on groceries, cleaning products and personal products.

Thought I'd share a couple of photos looking out of our family room at around 5pm on Saturday night. Nice to see the nights a starting to get a bit lighter.

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What a beautiful picture. I would have to print it and frame it. What great food savings also

We only had a little bit of snow about three inches so it didn't take hubby that long to get it all cleaned up thank goodness

I love the way you just deal with the snow over there whereas Britain just grinds to a halt!

Lovely scenery from your family room! Can't say we budget.

Stunning pics. That is some view you have got.

I am in the same boat with groceries this month Gill!! I hope that the rest of the month will be better as I so want to pull the food stamp challenge off. Beautiful photos of your yard!

Beautiful countryside views from your windows.

I am sure all that snow is a pain in the patootie but your photos sure are pretty!

Beautiful photos! I'd love to wake up and see that every morning!

It was a beautiful day, wasn't it?
Love your photos.
Do I set a budget? Not really, but these last few weeks I have found a way to save. I live alone and quite a bit older than you, so my appetite is not what it used to be. So--a shopping spree at the grocery store using price match every two weeks, Spending about $80.00, the other weeks going to a veg and fruit market for fresh f & v plus milk and bread. Works for me and I am not picking up things that I really don't need.
Rain tonight and Monday for us, Yeh!!

Gill, I sure wish these were the views I looked out upon....beautiful!

No, I don't set goals...maybe I should.

A gorgeous photo. You live in such a beautiful place and its stunning with all the snow.

You have a beautiful view.

It looks lovely out your way. If I didn't work in town I would move to the country.

What a truly lovely view you have! Yes, we try to keep to a certain amount for food but much higher than yours, about $100 per week. That's for 3 adults, one of whom (my daughter) likes certain foods that Micheal and I don't eat - like cereal, frozen pizzas etc that cost more. Darn.

Lovely photos Gill, such great views.

Pretty view. Nice when things calm down. The weather man is calling for freezing rain here tonight. I hope not. Prefer the snow. yes I have a monthly budget of $340. for the seven of us.I keep track on my other blog www.thefarmgirlfiles.blogspot.ca

Very nice view!
Can't say we budget just buy as we decide what to eat. Although being in a rental condo for winter I am more conscious of using up what we have.
I noticed tonight that it was still light at 5:30!!

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