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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Old Basement......

is the total opposite to the new basement.  As I explained yesterday we have two basements due to the fact a family room extension was added to the house in 1974.  Due to the thickness of the original stone walls in the house, they didn't knock through to the extension, so we have two totally separate basements.  

The old basement was an earthen floor, but was concreted over in 1954; they marked the date in the floor.  This is what it looks like when you open the door to the basement.  The stairs are original and its all dusty down there with cobwebs and the odd mouse!!  Dh is wanting to drywall all this area, just to clean it up and make it even brighter.  We however have to do some repair work to the staircase going upstairs as it squeaks like crazy.  So don't want to drywall that yet.

We have done a little bit of work down there as we blocked up two windows and installed two new windows.  We found a little bit of dry rot so that was all torn out and the coal shoots were also blocked up.  We had to get someone in to do all that and that cost us around $5,000.  Which in a way sucks as it's work other than the windows you don't see or honestly appreciate.  It has however made a huge difference, as the old windows were blocked up with insulation as they were that old and drafty.  So now we have daylight in there.  Plus it was mouse central down there and we had the holes blocked up so they can't get it..........mind you they are still getting in somewhere, we now think under the front deck.

I am in the process of cleaning up this side of the basement.  Nearly all those boxes that you can see is Christmas decorations.  Would you believe I had a huge clean out a few years ago and donated a big pile of Christmas stuff.  I need to go through it all and see if I can get rid of more.  That is the water softener in the back of the photo, by the window.  My old washer and dryer is still down there.  I am planning on putting an ad on Kijiji and getting rid of them by advertising them for free.  They are as old as the hills but work fine.

This is the other side of the basement and that is the oil furnace.  To the right of the furnace just outside of the photo is our oil tank.  I hate going on this side as it's icky.  I would love to whitewash all the walls as that would brighten up the whole basement.  One thing though the basement is dry and does not smell musty, partly because we have a dehumidifier going down there most of the time.  It has made a huge difference and well worth the investment.
I made a start on the baby quilt over the weekend and have got a lot of it cut out.  I decided to do make a Double Four Patch pattern.  Don't know why as I will be cursing it up and down trying to get all my corners matched!!!
I have to have this completed by the middle of March, so need to get on with it.

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You are doing well to have a clean and dry old basement! It is hard to spend money on things you don't see, but as you say, it is worth the investment. Just ask Mike Holmes, hehe!

You are fortunate to have a dry basement; our sub pump went a couple of times over the years and it was the most unpleasant experience.

Your work is cut out for you with the basement...but you sure did a good job on the other so I bet this will look just as good.

I love the fabrics for the baby quilt...you know what they say about things being wrong with a quilt...if you don't notice it while riding by on a galloping horse, then don't worry about it.

I don't like basements at all...this house doesn't have one, the last house had a huge one I avoided like the plague.
Jane x
PS I love the colours in the quilt.

We have owned a few houses with basement like this. But I love a basement for storage and safety(tornadoes). Have you thought about quilting in strips? Sometimes it make matching easier.

I enjoyed looking at your basements Gill, yesterday's too. The only time we had a mouse in our basement was when it snowed so heavily that year, the snow came up to our dryer vent. We think that's how it got in. Your baby quilt fabric is lovely. I will enjoy seeing the finished product.

So nice seeing the photo's of your two basements. You and hubby have done a great job. So nice and clean and bright. You probably have increased the equity valve of your house for sure.
Can't wait to see the baby quilt when it's finished.

I would love to have a basement, two would be a real dream! Your quilt is coming along so nicely, don't be so hard on yourself!!!

Your old basement looks good too. We don't have basements here. Only major commercial buildings have basements, not usually homes.

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