Thursday, October 11, 2012

Question for you all......

My vacuum cleaner is on the fritz.  I picked up the part I needed for the power head today and it was around $12 + so no too bad.  However I need a new hose, a couple of new filters and some bags.  The hose is $138, by the time I get the rest of the stuff it will be cheaper buying a new vacuum cleaner.  Its a Sears canister vacuum cleaner by the way.

I have mainly wood floors in the house, but I do have area rugs that I need to vacuum on a daily basis to get rid of the dog hair.  I called in at Canadian Tire on the way home and they had a number of vacuum's on sale, some for under $100.  As money is tight at the moment, I would prefer to keep it under $100.  If I had plenty of money I would buy a Dyson like this one:

So my question to you what would you suggest?  Do you have a cheaper vacuum that works well and where did you get it from.  For those of you in other countries outside of North America, just give me the name and model number and maybe I can find a similar on here in Canada.

I tend to lean towards canister ones rather than upright ones.  Also which is best, bagless or one with bags?


Fran said...

I try not to vacuum too much, it is just plain hard work! However, I have a Hetty (sister to a Henry), she is pink and has long eyelashes (google it and you will see what I mean). Apart from the fact that she cheers me up, it is also the best cleaner that I have owned xxx

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Gill, personally I have done the $100.00 ones, regretting each time I didn't have the money for the more expensive. Zellers also has Dysons I believe; with so many closing down do you think you could get a better deal there? Vacummn every day? come on over !!!

Debby said...

I have an Orek upright that works great but it is pricy and won't work on corners, baseboards, under furniture an such so I also have a cheap canister vac I picked up at Walmart. said...

The best decision we ever made was to buy a Dyson. After we vacummed with our old vacumm cleaner then we run over the carpet with the Dyson and we were amazed by how much more stuff came out from the carpet.
Do you have Sears points that you could use for a Dyson at Sears or HBC points for a Dyson from The Bay?

We have our Dyson for about 6 years now and it works like new.

Anonymous said...

From Bess.... I have a Dyson upright and swear by it. I thought my carpets were clean until I used the Dyson, was amazed at what the Dyson picks up. Love the canister, no having to spend lots for those pricey bags to just toss away. You could try looking at a repair shop for vacuums. Often they repair used ones and turn around and sell them. Bess -usa

Maggie said...

Funny you should mention vacuum cleaners! Mine has been in need of replacing for a while and i was going to wait until the sales at Christmas, I have an upright and it no longer stays up right, the dam thing keeps catching me off guard and hitting the back of my legs!!!
If i could go out today with no though to money i would buy this one

Miele S7210 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 1800 Watt, Lemon Yellow

Because it looks cool and retro, lol. The only thing is that it's bagged and i do prefer bagless.

My plan is to get my DH to hover the whole house one weekend and see how many curse word he comes up with every time the vacuum hits him on the back of the legs, then i reckon he will be so peed off he will let me have whatever i want:-)

Le us know what you choose x

~Carla~ said...

We have a Dyson & it's worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY!! I'd bite the bullet & buy one, Gill! You won't regret it!!

Evelyn said...

for the past ten years all I have had is a 50 dollar shop vac, I would buy the cheap ones just because I can't see spending money I don't have on something I would use maybe 7 times a week? i am just too cheap!

John Gray said...

a dyson
sucks like a hooker!

Poppy Q said...

Hi, I live in NZ so you can't really compare prices but I had a cheap bagless one, that only lasted ten cleans before it started smoking and blew up, so last week I sucked it in and spent double the price and bought a Dyson which I love. I did buy the cheapest model a DC29 as I only have a small home, and one little cat.

Good luck.
Julie Q

saving for travel said...

We've had our dyson for 10 years now.

Sft x