Friday, October 12, 2012

Home of the week and more on vacuums

Although pricey at $4.4 million this week's "Home of the Week," has a lot of good things going for it.  Love, love the kitchen that is a perfect kitchen for me and my tastes, I wouldn't change a thing, though not sure about the maintenance of the soapstone counter tops?  The owners seem to have a bit of a fetish for ladders, they are everywhere.  DO NOT like the red bathroom and I personally can't see the point of the hot tub on the roof top deck?   I also think the choice of art work is to modern for the period of the house.  Other wise if someone was giving it too me, I wouldn't say no!!!

It's now past cottage season they are all closed up for the winter, so no Cottages of the Week for a while now.  So we jump right into the "Condo of the Week," and I'll pass on this one!!! It does not feel like a home at all.  I am guessing by the closet a guy lives there on his own?  It feels so sterile and unloved to me, how about you?

There was an article announcing the opening of a new restaurant in Toronto called "Skin and Bones."  Now I don't know about you but that name really turns me off that restuarant?  I can onlyimagine what they are going to be serving up!!!

I published another book review here.

I was out all day on Thursday and it was nippy cold.  We had a hard frost in the morning.  Still no heating on, but did put the fire on first thing in the morning.  I am hoping to go another week or two before putting the heating on, wish me luck!

When do you normally put your heating on?

I went into Wal-mart on Thursday and saw a couple of Eureka vacuums including this one  So I may pop in there on the weekend and have another look at them.


Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Yeppers the name of that restaurant is a total turn off for me as well. But who knows I am sure it will attract the lot younger, if just not out of them being curious. Lots of luck on your vacuum cleaner decision, they sure are a No 1 necessity in a home.

sugar__mama said...

I usually put the heat on when my daughter complains, she is always cold. We have had it on the last couple of days and it will probably stay on from now.
As to the vacuum decision, i got one a couple of weeks ago at Walmart. It is a Bissell Powergroom made for pet hair and works well for my purposes as i only have area rugs and a dog too. It was reg about $139 and was on sale for $89.

Jane and Chris said...

My bath is the same colour red as the bathroom cabinets in the home of the you think it was the same people who decorated?
Jane x

DeniseinVA said...

I always enjoy your home links Gill, thanks. I wonder where on earth they came up with that name for the restaurant? I've been very interested in your vacuum post as we're in the market for one. Ours has just about had it.

anexactinglife said...

I bit the bullet and turned the heat on this week, and we haven't even had frost yet. Normally I don't last past Sept 30, so Oct 10 was pretty good!

softinthehead said...

Gill just one note on uprights - beware the cheaper models. I bought one which did not turn off the spinning brush when clicked into the stationery upright position and it melted my carpet in a few spots before I realised what was happening. I have a canister Shark Professional bought from Canadian Tire for $250 and am very happy with it.