Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ladies who lunch.......

On Wednesday Jane and I met up in Orillia again for lunch and a catch up.  I was not in a photo taking mood and warned Jane not to take any of me, I guess I was being a right idea if she took any notice of me though...LOL

So the photo's from the day are very few and far between.  We had lunch at the Brewery Bay Company and I took this photo.  The day was gorgeous.

The colours on the tree are just gorgeous at the moment.

Now I am just being plain artsy-fartsy with this shot!!!
The Brewery Bay is also having a Fall Food Drive.  We helped the lady get the sign straight.  It involved a lot of nodding and thumbs up from Jane and I.

Can't remember what this store is called, but son-in-law is a big Beatles fan and so I took this photo with him in mind.  I think it was priced at around $1,900, so not cheap.  Notice the sign below.  It was clear glass with "All you need is Love," written on it and that cost around $90.  There were other signs with catchy phases on it that were as nice.

For once we both left with bags of shopping.  I got a suet feeder for the birds, a bar of Goats Milk soap and a pair of Crocs that I am using in the house as slippers thank to Jane for the suggestion.

While we were in the shoe store we did a public service and educated the girl serving us.  They sell a product called BOGS, now that is slang for toilets in Britain, which we thought was a funny name for boots.            

This is what BOGS look like:
They look very comfy, but I can't go around wearing a pair of boots with the name BOGS on the back of it, honestly I can't........


gill said...

Hi Gill, just popped by to say hello back to you, thanks for visiting my blog. I'll have a browse through yours today and look forward to becoming a regular follower. I'm was only Gillian when my Mum was cross with me as a child(not too often thankfully!) and hated my name so shortened it to Gill, but in recent years I do find myself using Gillian more often especially at work. Really interesting to read about your life in Canada. Gill x

Jane and Chris said...

Not sure what that poor girl made of us!
It was gorgeous weather wise.. don't think I needed my poncho!
Jane x

Crafty Gardener said...

Had to chuckle over your bog story, yes, that word does conjure up certain images. Don't think I'll be wearing them either.

Tammy Chrzan said...

I think I would wear Bogs!! And you live in a gorgeous part of the World, you are blessed!

Rose said...

Now, I had not noticed the term Bogs used for toilets before...that is new to me.

Lena said...

Looks like it was a gorgeous and fun day for you two!

50 and counting said...

Enjoy the weather while it's good.

Must remember to pull the turkey out of the freezer soon.

Crocs? I have a love hate relationship with them. I have a clog type pair for nightshift but how do I hate the neon colours that I see on the feet of my coworkers.

Winifred said...

That's such a funny name for boots. They wouldn't sell well here would they. Still they do look rather swish for little wellies.

I have a pair of crocs (copies of course wouldn't pay the full price) that I use for going out into the garden for the washing. We're being very careful since we had new carpets fitted!

Looks like you had a lovely day out Gill. Glorious sunshine but very chilly here in North East England, had our first frost this morning, a real shock to the system.