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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's all in the details,

as dd says.  So guess what I was doing Sunday afternoon?  Ripping off the labels on water bottles to add our own customized labels for the baby shower.  Even dh raised his eyebrows; but as I said it's all in the details!!

One of my goals for 2013 is to learn to crochet, as I love grannie squares.  So on Sunday night I thought I would go on You Tube and see what I could learn.  Well after about 20 minutes I had mastered the slip knot thingy that starts you off.  Then I got totally lost and confused when we had to start doing a chain?  So I can see this is going to take a bit more work than I thought.  Although I think some smoother wool/yarn would help as I am using Martha Stewart Alpaca Blend which is a #5 bulky (?) whatever that means?  I was using a 6.5 mm or K hook with it.

Dh had an appointment at the hospital on Monday to see the surgeon who did the scope on his right knee.  Was told his knee is as good as it's going to be and to use his left knee to kneel on!  Anyhow the MRI on his left knee shows the same problem, torn meniscus and arthritis.  He can have it operated on whenever he wants, but after what has happened with his right knee, he told the surgeon he'll wait until he can't stand the pain no more and then he'll have it operated on.

Anyhow why I am even mentioning this is I wanted to share something we found out today.  Whenever we have an appointment at the fracture clinic we they are always running a couple of hours behind schedule which is bloody annoying.  Found out why the surgeon we saw on Monday had 70 patients booked in between the hours of 8am until 12 noon.  Yes you read right 70.  One that's just bloody ridiculous and bloody greedy, as no doubt he gets paid for every patient he sees.

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Wow 70 that is ridiculous and kind of scary to me who lives the same province you do with bad joints.
Anyway I wanted to say what a great idea with the water bottles you are certainly making this a shower to remember. B

70 patients! That is outrageous and definately greedy :(
I love the water bottle labels, what a sweet touch...I too keep trying to teach myself to crochet, I get to a point when I suddenly feel like an octopus with 8 hands! LOL...keep at it! I know you'll get it :)
Laurie Anne xx

We just did custom labels for bookfair....did you make them yourself, or order them?

Darn about the other knee having a torn menicus ... oh I know so well how much pain your DH is experiencing, as well as the arthritis that is topping it all off. Thinking he won't be able to withstand it too long. I haven't done Granny Squares for about 4-5 years I am sure

I want to learn to crochet too.
The longest wait I ever had at the fracture clinic was about 20 mins.
Jane x

Overbooking that many patients is not right. 70 patients in 4 hours gives each person 3.42 minutes with the Dr., hardly enough to ask questions, be examined and get your diagnosis. Greed is a small word for someone you put your trust in! Bess

I agree that is a lot of patients, even knowing that some won't show up.

I half taught myself to crochet about 10-15 years ago, but was so slow at it that I just gave it up as a waste of my time. It would have taken me forever to make anything.

Keep going with the crochet Gill,Youll soon be addicted like me :)
I learned from you tube videos in the end.
70 patients,just crazy,terrible to have to wait so long :(
Love the water bottles,all in the details.Have a great week,love julieXxxx

70 patients?? That's one of the main reasons we Americans are afraid of socialized health care (on the flip side, not being driven to bankruptcy because you get sick is a good reason FOR it). But anyway, love the labels--you're right, the small details count!

am loving those bottles...I LOVE these little salutes to detail!

I could crochet and knit as a teenager, my nan taught me,bless her. It's one of those things I've been meaning to restart for a long time. Perhaps in 2013 :)

Wow, you sure have been putting a lot of work into this baby shower! I'm sure it will go really well! As for the doctor, that's not even three and a half minutes per patient if he was spending an equal ammount of time with each patient! No wonder he was behind!!!

It won't let me leave a reply to posters but there is a difference between universal (what we have in Canada) and socialized healthcare. I love how Americans just can't wrap their heads around this.

Anyhoo. 70 in 4 hours is ridiculous. Is there any chance the residents see some of the patients and refer the problems to the specialist for follow up? That's the only way I could imagine fitting that many in. The year 5's that work my service are pretty much done and working independ of their physician. And honestly, some of the final years are better than their masters.

I love details, oh a woman who uses china and crystal, my kind of girl.. Yes socialized medicine is not all it is cracked up to be.In the US he would see about 24 patients in this amount of time, but only those with insurance and then we would be charged out the nose. The rest would just be in pain and if you have cancer you die. No one will treat you. I have a friend with no insurance and cancer through out her body. Every time she goes in for radiation the machine is broken. Now there is another machine a backup but that is for insured patients. So either way we suffer.

Great idea on adding your own labels. I've seen that done in shops around here that hand out bottles of water in the really hot weather.

I hear you about the wait times in fracture clinics. I had partial knee replacement surgery in May 2011 and just went back for my last check up (thank goodness no more waiting, and waiting). I am putting off the other knee for as long as possible too.

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