Saturday, October 6, 2012

Follow up, cooking and questions..........

Do you remember this dish I bought?

Well I got an answer from the lady at the Wedgwood Museum in England.:

"I do not know if you have access to the publication ‘Adams Ceramics. Staffordshire Potters and Pots, 1779-1998’ by David A. Furniss, J. Richard Wagner and Judith Wagner (Schiffer Publications, 1999. ISBN 0-7643-0847-5) – in the above named work a number of early variations on the Adams’ factory backstamps appear – though I must admit I cannot find one identical to that featured on the item in question – however, although the Prince of Wales’ backstamp is not featured in the appendix at the back of the work, there is a reference to a ‘WA & S’ printed backstamp, which was used by the factory from 1819 to 1861 – and I suspect that this is related to the printed backstamp below the Prince of Wales feathers as portrayed on the image you forwarded.

Stylistically the shape of the dish would seem to correspond with this era of production – and the (almost) pheasants’ eye decoration is very similar to copper plate printed work which has appeared on the Adams factory production again around the time indicated.

It maybe that with a thorough perusal of the above named work – which is excellent – that you will be able to come to a more satisfactory conclusion, but on the face of it I would say yes, that this is a William Adams piece."
I have called the library to see if I can borrow that book through inter-library loan, to see if I can find out more about it, but they can't find a copy.  It is nearly $80 to purchase a copy online, so that's out as well. The thing that fascinates me is this area was settled in the 1830's, so this piece may have come over with them?
I went grocery shopping on Friday and bought some ground beef and cooked that up with some onions and divided it to go into the freezer.  This is such a great way of dealing with ground beef I wouldn't dream of putting it in the freezer without pre-cooking and dividing it up.
Also made a casserole of liver, onions, mushroom and bacon...........I know you either love liver or hate it with a passion.
Then dd is hosting her first Thanksgiving dinner on Monday and she asked me to make her some bread sauce.
We were invited to go, but are not going which is just as well, as there will be 8 young 'uns between the ages of 23 and 28.  We would be the odd couple out!!!
Now for the questions.  I was ironing today when I thought of all of these.
1. Do new houses in Britain have airing cupboards?  Ever since we have lived in Canada we have never had an airing cupboard, so we don't technically "aire" our clothes like we did in England.
2. How many sets of sheets do you have for each bed.  I was talking to a friend and she washes and dries her sheets in one day and puts them straight back on the bed. 
3. How often do you wash your sheets on your bed?  I wash ours every Friday.  Same friend was very evasive when asked!!!!


Anonymous said...

I live in Australia so we don't have airing cupboards but I remember using them when I worked as a nanny in England. Never seen them again!

Maggie said...

When the children were little they used to eat liver and onions when i cooked it (I never cooked separate meals, everyone ate the same)as they got older they refused to eat it, lol now i will cook it occasionally as me, mum and DH like it, (although i still don't like handling it!)

In answer to your questions, as far as i'm aware new houses in the UK don't have airing cupboards anymore, a real pity as they are very useful for storing towels and sheets etc, we don't have one in my house either, (and it's over 100 years old)we had one in our first house and i loved it, but since almost everyone has a tumble dryer we tend not to air clothes now, don't you think?

Quilt covers i have quite a few of, fitted sheets i have two sets for each bed, but nine times out of ten i tend to wash, dry and put them back on again the same day. Usually i change the beds every week now, when the kids were all at home and there was so many beds to change i would change two one week
and two the next week.

Phew, sorry long answer, lol

Good luck to your daughter hosting her first thanksgiving X

datacreata said...

1) Don't know as we live in a 70's bungalow which has a small one.

2) 2 sheets + 2 pillowcases per bed.

3) One sheet used over the mattress, per bed changed every week. Duvet covers are flipped over every week and washed every fortnight.

cathy@home said...

The first question would be not all new houses have airing cupbards.
2, we have 2 summer sets and 3 winter sets.
3, every week on a Thursday I was sheets.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of airing cupboards before I visited the UK. I suppose the reason we don't have them here is that most houses have a furnace and the water heater right next to it in the basement.

I have 3 sets of sheets, and change the sheets once a week...and definitely do not iron them :)

EG CameraGirl said...

That dish is such a fantastic find!

I have never heard of an airing cupboard. I'm off to Google it to find out more. ;)

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

I do love that dish; old & blue, two of my favourites. I have 2 sets of sheets for each bed; wash the bedding once a week, usually putting the same sheets back on, however not always if I want my bed made up right away. Liver, hubby & I both LOVE. Never heard of doing up in a casserole before, you will have to tell me how you do? I have a milk picture in "mint" condition which had been my Great Great Aunts which I cherish as a few other pieces I love gazing upon.

The Witch said...

Hi Gill,
First off to your questions.
We have a clothes line in the basement the retractable kind where I do air dry the heavy stuff, then we just have to do the finally drying in the dryer which saves money. Plus I have a huge clothes line outside which is used even in the Winter.
We have three sets of sheets very good quality so they will last.
Change the sheets every Sunday, along with the blankets.
Love the blue dish, such a great fine.
Will be doing a post soon as I miss everyone.

Debby said...

I love your little dish!!
We have 2 sets of sheets for each bed
I wash, dry and put the sheets right back on once a week, why waste time folding sheets, such a pain.
What the heck is a drying closet? I now need to do a search to figure that out. HA

Jane and Chris said...

For each bed we have three sets of summer sheets and three sets of winter sheets. Stripped and washed once per week...but save up to have a full load.
Jane x

Piece by Piece said...

If the date of the 1800's is true your dish is a great find. Love it.
Airing cupboard, I remember the one we had in the house in Sussex.
I have 3 sets of Summer sheets for each of my two beds plus a total of 3 sets of Winter sheets.
I wash the sheets from my bed once a week, usually on the weekends now we have the "smart meter", The guest bed is changed when it has been used.

sensiblegardening said...

I'm afraid I have several. I love linen almost as much as I love gardening.

Cash Only Living said...

Not sure what an airing cupboard is. On our beds we have the mattress pad, bottom sheet, top sheet, then comforter. And like your fried I tend to wash the sheets once a week then put them back on the bed right away (we have extra sheet sets but I particularly like the ones on our bed). Also, since we moved to Vegas I got rid of all of my winter flannel sheets!

Rose said...

I live in USA so 1st question does not apply to me...I have two sets of sheets for the spare bed, and have I think 3 sets for ours...but lots of times I wash the sheets and put them back on the bed rather than fold them.

And I never have set amount of time between washing...sometimes it is a weekly basis, others it is two weeks. And occasionally lesser than a week, but that is when someone has run a fever or something. I take everything off and was in HOT water and a bit of bleach.

Kaisievic said...

Love your dish and you have done so well to find out so much about it.
In Melbourne, the occasional house has airing cupboards but it is not common. I have several sets of doona covers and sheets and I change my bedlinen about every two weeks - as I work full time I just do not have time to do it more often.

Winifred said...

That dish is lovely Gill. I'm a fan of Wedgewood but got miffed after I collected their Blue Willow dinner service & to my dismay a couple of years later they discontinued it!

I do miss my airing cupboard. Now that combi boilers are being installed you don't need a hot water tank so they are defunct.

Only change my sheets every other week. If we had hot evenings I'd maybe change them more often.

Star said...

I like your unusual dish at the start of this post. It does look old (I mean that as a compliment).
I love liver but prefer lamb's liver. It has a better flavour.
Yes we have an airing cupboard. I use it all the time.
I have quite a few sets of sheets, some still not even opened from bargain buying! I don't use the same ones all the time and I wash them every week.

50 and counting said...

My parents moved to Canada in the '60s. None of the houses I've lived in here have had an airing cupboard.

I have drying lines in the basement that I use during the winter. It's in the furnace room (which is huge).

Bed linen is a sore point here. Everybed had at least two sets. My sons think there is a bedchangin fairy and I point bland refuse to do theirs anymore. Our bed? If the husband is away, and it's just me, every ten days or so. When the husband is home? Frequently because he's sweaty.

Evelyn said...

I definetly kn ow what an airing closet is lol. Will check at work to see if we have this book

Evelyn said...

I have odd sets of sheets so they aren't matched, i change them between 1 to 2 weeks