Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today's Flower

I have a red rose in the garden that is a true red colour.  Red is my favourite colour, and against the white of the daisies, this rose just pops.

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mommanator said...

How beautiful these roses are! thanks for sharing

Niki said...

this one is a stunner!

Luna Miranda said...

ah, roses! what could be lovely?

Rose said...

Oh, so beautiful! And you are right...beautiful against the daisies.

Anonymous said...

Love the colour! Striking!


Pat said...

These are gorgeous red roses! I also have some red roses on my post today. We think alike, at least, today we did.

The Witch said...

I just love roses but they don't love me.
They always seen to die so I just won't buy them anymore. We have some nice old fashion roses which smell heavenly and you can't kill them.
Nice job on stacking the wood.
I hope you didn't do that when the humidity was so high.

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

pretty red rose...great shots

mine is here

Regina said...

Vibrant and lovely!
Happy new week Gill.


Winifred said...

Hope it smells as good as it looks. I used to have a gorgeous pink/red rose called Fragrant Cloud at our other house. The smell was heavenly. Our soil is so hard here everything struggles.

I do love your header. Are they chives in flower? I love them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower. I just have one small very old rose bush, and the goats ate it this spring, so I'm happy to enjoy yours!