Sunday, July 11, 2010

Starting to harvest.........

Now due to the "unusual" way I pruned the raspberry bushes last year (mowing them down with the lawn tractor) I'm not expecting much of a crop.  I do hope I can get enough to at least make some jam.  I need 6 cups of crushed raspberries to make a batch of jam.  There is only around 2 or 3 cups there.  So I'll crush them, measure them and put them in the freezer for later.

I got a couple of lettuce hearts for supper on Sunday night.  Then that is half the pea crop, the other half will be ready later this coming week.

I also managed to get a bit of the grass cut.  I need dh to have a look at the mowing deck on the tractor as I think it is off ballance and not cutting as good as it was.  For once I can say the blades are fine!!!

Bit of a short post today, as I want to finish off reading a book I started. "Thunder Bay," by Beth Loughner, it's a nice short one and an easy read.


Denise said...

Looks lovely Gill. Love raspberries but I also love blackberries and remember picking the wild ones from the hedgerows when I was young, and mum baking a pie out of them. I content myself with buying them these days.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday the other day. Hope your week goes well.

An English Girl Rambles

The Witch said...

Those raspberries look so good. I planted a few canes last year and I'm hoping next year to have some.
I bought some the other day and made pancakes with them. They were delicious.
You garden is quite ahead of ours by the look of those snap peas.
Have a great read!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Raspberries are among my favorites and I hope you get enough to make some jam to enjoy when they are long gone!

Leiani said...

How lovely to have delicious fresh food straight from the garden. Yum!

Karine said...

Yum,fresh raspberries! I got some fresh Quebec strawberries at the grocery store today and keep raiding the wild blackberry bushes at and around the Oratory!