Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just sitting there, waiting and waiting, and waiting!!

I had a doctors appointment after work on Wednesday.  My appointment was at 3:40pm, I finally got in to see him at 4:20pm, which was actually pretty good for our doctor!!

So of course I had plenty of time to read all the magazines, and have to say their selection sucked.  I forgot to take my book or take some of my old magazines for them to have.  Infact the National Geographic magazine were from 1981????

Then to add to my joy and I think to the rest of the people waiting in the waiting room, there were a couple of teenagers who were obviously very much in love.  So much so that they kept kissing one another.......I was very close to telling them to get a room!!  Then they were talking to one another in very loud voices, and their language left a lot to be desired using the "F" word quite frequently.  I was so glad when he had to go for his appointment, I think we all sighed with relief.

Our doctor is notorious for running late, but I always find it disturbing that all the other people who you walked into the doctor's office with have had their appointments and you are still sitting there.  There are around eight doctors in this practice and our doctor is always the one running behind.

I did manage to send dd a text without getting one of the receptionists to do it for me.  Granted it took me forever to type it all out, but I did it all by myself.  They too were very proud of me doing it all by myself.  I normally get one of them to do it, as it's a heck of a lot faster.

Then when I went to get my prescription filled at the pharmacy, there was a woman in front of me with one crutch, her arm in a sling, with a nasty cut on her head, and a lot of blood on her leg where she must have fallen.  The woman was a mess, it was really strange why she was wandering around like that.  I did hear her say she had spent the last day in the hospital.  No idea why they hadn't cleaned her up though.  She was on her way to see her family doctor to try and get some more Tylenol 3's as the doctor at the hospital had only given her a prescription for 20 of them.  Regardless it kept my mind busy watching her while I was waiting for my prescription!!

So it was nearly 5:30 pm when I got home on Wednesday night.  Luckily I had left dh full instructions on how to put the shepherd's pie in the toaster oven to cook.  So supper was ready when I walked into the house.

Today's Peek from the Past is this I had forgotten about this post, but after reading it over I do remember this.  I still have that material as well.  I keep meaning to do something with the owl fabric, not sure what yet though.


Star said...

Your experiences at the doctor's office and the pharmacy (read surgery and chemist, cos I'm in England) sound just like mine. I always seem to be at the end of every queue I get into with someone with a much worse problem in front of me. Even yesterday it happened, only this time in the Building Society, where I was in a short queue behind a man who had shredded his wife's credit card, stating that he had too many cards. Trouble was, when he wanted to use it on the telephone to make some transaction or other, he didn't have the right security details so they wouldn't do as he asked. Therefore, he was in the Building Society, trying to get a new card ordered and do the business that he intended to do on the phone. It took forever and I was going from foot to foot, thankful that it wasn't me, but anxious because I was soon going to be late for my next appointment (at the job agency). Have a nice, unstressful day today!
Blessings, Star

Evelyn said...

my doctor is an hour late everytime. what bugs me is that he spends probably half an hour with the other patients and I am in and out in 10? also they put me in a room to wait, someone comes after me into another room and they get tended to first? anyhow i guess i am fortunate it is free health care.
WTG on the texting! i can't do it yet.

LizBeth said...

Hope you'll be feeling better quite soon!

Liz, The Republic

Piece by Piece said...

Your Dr sounds very much like mine. Our's has a notice in the waiting room which states that he will charge for missed appointments. So, we are paying for his wasted time, if we don't show up, I wonder if we would be paid if we sent in a bill for our wasting time in the waiting room. I guess I should not complain as there are so many people that do not have a family Dr.
Weather is forecast to be nice for the next few days enjoy.

Moonblossom said...

Here in the states, most doctors have a sign on their walls saying to notify the receptionist if you have been waiting for over 20 minutes past your appointment time that is a life saver here. As for the lady in the pharmacy no doctor in their right mind would give more meds like that if she Just got out of the hospital the day before because 20 T#3's would have lasted alot longer then one day.
Congrats on texting my DH and I as well as my children text quite abit, especially my children that is the way they seem to communicate these days.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Gill! We really try to be on time in our office, and the doctor gets really upset if we're too far behind--We typically are, but when we aren't some patients really get upset, and I don't know why--Especially because it's hardly EVER more than 15 minutes...I also do the magazines in our waiting room, it's a pet peeve of mine to have ones that are out of date, so I always toss out the old ones. Next week I'll be cleaning house on all the July ones--The simple things in life, which includes having dinner ready when you get home after a long day!

Stephanie V said...

That woman must have been in a world of pain to need yet another prescription for T3's! Something a little fishy in that back story, I think.

My dentist was always keeping me waiting - up to 40 mins one day - until I complained. This is not like me but I guess it was an off-day. Now, they apologize if I have to wait at all! I call that a result.

Karine said...

I love that owl fabric from your older post and that story about the people crying at the phone was something special too!

As for the doctor's office, yup, that's one the places where you can spend the most time waiting, although I used to find the dentist way worse!!!

BraCom (Bram) said...

Wonderful photos, awesome skys

Regards, Bram

Seen on Skywatch Friday

Sam said...

National Geographic from 1981?! thats pretty bad

Toria said...

I posted recently over my frustrations at how long I had to wait at the doctor's surgery. And I had the first appointment slot for the day supposedly!

For later appointments I normally phone at about the time I should be leaving home to make it there in time to find out how late he is running. The receptionist is good at estimating & always tell you to wait at home for another half hour or hour.

Teresa said...

I truly try to avoid doctors as much as possible. Mine is a nice man, but that's about all. I mostly just go to him when I want meds, which he really doesn't appreciate.