Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What did I do on my day off.........

Well after having a lie-in and not getting up until 10am.  I sat and had a relaxing cup of tea, with home made whole grain bread, with hand churned butter and some of my homemade raspberry jam, while flicking through a couple of those "gossip magazines."  I then had a shower and headed to the spa, where I spent the next three hours having a massage, a facial and a pedicure; having a small break in between treatments for a light spa lunch, of baby greens and a poached chicken breast, and chocolate mousse with fresh berries for afters with a soothing cup of green tea to finish with............ 

Hang on, that's my dream reality, I was up before 6am, thank you Molly for that!!   By 10am I had cleaned the bathrooms, washed and hung out two loads of laundry.  Made numerous telephone calls, submitted the recipe book to the publishers.  Sent a few emails, cleaned our bedroom and "captured" all the dust bunnies living in there!! 

By lunch time I had ironed both loads of laundry, sorted out the raspberries from the night before; made a batch of fabric softener, recipe is here.  Tidied up in the family room.  After lunch I went to my quilt club meeting, and picked up this month's pattern which is a Bear Paw Pattern  I also picked up a Christmas panel for a small wall hanging:

This is a close up shot of part of it.
I get a free fat quarter every month from this club, and for the past couple of months I have been getting this ladybug material.  What would you suggest as a contrast material to go with it?

When I got back in I made fish cakes from the leftover mashed potatoes.  I made enough for two meals so froze the rest.  Here is a recipe for them from a prior post, the are so easy to make I would never dream of buying them.

I prepared a garden salad enough for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights supper.  So that all I have to do when I get in from work on Wednesday is pop the stuffed baked potatoes in the microwave for 10 minutes and pop into the toaster oven to crisp up the outside, probably 20 minutes; and pull out the salad and within 30 minutes, supper will be on the table.

I didn't get everything done like I wanted to, but achieved the main things I wanted to get done......


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Gill!! You said you didn't get everything done--I think you accomplished more than most people do all week!:-)

I like the fabric--For the contrasting color with the lady-bugs, have you tried it next to red? Just a wild thought at 5:30 in the morning...Enjoy the rest of your week!

Clippy Mat said...

hey Gill:
haven't been around for a bit. I'm just printing that fish cakes recipe as we speak. Even I could make that! lovely ta :-)

LizBeth said...

I LOVE the fish cakes. We make them with salmon and fry right away with a little coconut oil. I don't even mess with the egg and breaded coating, but that would be extra nice for a supper. You revolutionized our Sundays with fish cakes!

Liz, The Republic

Lib said...

I Love the Christmas panel!
And I was getting excitied for you thinking you had a trip to the spa!
HAve a great wk. Friend!

Chicken Boys said...

At least you got something done! LOL

Piece by Piece said...

I was thinking, how lucky Gill is to have such a wonderful day, a dream for sure.
I agree with Kim, trying red with your lady bug fabric, or maybe yellow.

Winifred said...

Oh I'm disappointed that you didn't get your day off. I was just thinking how lovely for you after all that hard work.

You had me worn out just visualising what you did before lunch!

Just going to copy your fishcake recipe, I might manage that as I'm not exactly the best or the most keen of cooks. You put me to shame Gill.

Heather said...

You really had me going with those first few paragraphs! Just getting in from work at 9:30 tonight (third time this week) I was thinking how nice a day to myself would be! Like you I will keep on dreaming and maybe one day it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Quite a busy day off. I so would like to try your dream day; it sounds fabulous. Hope you get to do that day soon.


The Witch said...

Slow down you are making me jealous because I don't get have the things accomplished I would like too.
I love the bear paw block, it is one of my favorites. The panel you bought looks so winterish and love the bright colours. I think a nice contrast of red and green would really tie the ladybug fabric together.
Wish I had some of those Raspberries.

Evelyn said...

Gill you didn't fool me for a second, I can't picture you taking a day "off". Sounds like my time off too and we can only dream of a day off to enjoy doing nothing.
I didn't even know you could buy fishcakes?