Monday, November 18, 2013

Space Age Stroller..........

things have come a long, long way since I had our children and I was fascinated with Our Little Princess' stroller.  It is state of the art and very high tech and from what I can see is a Graco make:

 It even has lights, that's those white things and there are two smaller LED lights on the rounded bit.
 We were saying this was the GPS, but it's not.  It does however monitor how fast you are going, how far you are going, the temperature etc.  The yellow button is the automatic control to fold down the stroller and you press it again to have the stroller back up into position.  I couldn't get over it.  Oh and Our Little Princess hates being in it!!!
 Here are the two "N's" meeting one another for the first time.  By the way both were born on a Saturday and both were 6 lb 1 oz when born.
Here is our Miss Nora all bundled up like a little burrito!!!
 Here she is again with that expression of look at me I have just pooped again, which she had!!!
Even the newborn outfits are too large for her at the moment.


Sue said...

Oh she is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations :-)

As for the stroller, WOW, what will they think of next!!

Jane and Chris said...

Does DD have to have a licence for the stroller?!
Jane x

Rose said...

I bet you are one happy Grandma! Two beautiful little girls. What more could one ask for.

About strollers...can you believe the price of some of them? I simply could not. Specially compared to when you and I bought them. I know they are made better, but still I cannot imagine paying that much.

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Hopefully Nitara and Nora will become fast friends. Yes the "state of the art" stroller; hope it last for more then just one Nora :)