Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday dd

It's her birthday today, and between me and you she is closer to 30 than she is too 20!!!  They are coming up to our house and we are taking her, son-in-law and son out for lunch, as this will be the last time without there being a baby present we are guessing.  Just over three weeks to go now.  This is her last week at work also.  She is taking two weeks vacation and then starts her maternity leave of one year.

Went to see Our Little Princess on Saturday.  They came back from India on Wednesday and Our Little Princess had been ill had caught some sort of bug so she had lost a couple of pounds in weight.  Plus she has a little bit of a cough.

She is now crawling and can pull herself up to standing.  I think she'll be walking in no time as she was at the end of the sofa and headed towards me.  Wasn't sure about me when I first walked in, but soon warmed up to me after a while.  I think her head has grown as has her hair.  Her mom says she is a lot darker, but I didn't really think so?  She has one of those funny bandana bibs on. 

And yes their family room is yellow and orange in colour and it does look really good.  I would never have dreamed of putting those two colours together but it really works.

Dh and I were in Tim Hortons later on and I see the Christmas cups are out now.  Notice how I take the top off the Raspberry Muffin and eat the bottom first!!!


stitcheranon said...

She is beautiful...a little darker but if you go on holiday that is what happens! My daughter is mixed nationality from my first marriage...and she is beautiful as is your grandaughter. You better warn mom and dad they will need a shotgun when she is older to keep the boys away!

Evelyn said...

what a sweetie! lol i always eat the bottom of the muffin first too. top is the best part!

Jane and Chris said...

Little N's face is plumper for sure!
Happy Birthday 'Mum to be''s my parents wedding anniversary today too!
Jane x

~Carla~ said...

Oh she is just a doll! She's gotten so big, Gill! Bet she'll be happy to be spoiled by grandma again!! :)

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Where does time go too !

Ha ! saving the best of the muffin for the last I see *smile*..

Rose said...

I cannot believe how she has grown...still as cute as ever. I bet you were glad to see and hold her!

angela said...

Oh my she has grown hasn't she. Watch out when she starts to walk, that's when you know your alive lol