Monday, November 4, 2013

My own personal Lumberjack!

Sunday was a lovely day, pretty cold but at least the sun was shining.  After Friday's wind and rain storm there was a bit of tidying up to do by the willow trees.  They may look pretty but gosh they are messy trees.  This is the before:

 This is the after:
 Dh also decided to try and tidy up a bit where the tree had fallen.  As you can see to the left of him there is still one large limb hanging onto the tree.  I have cleaned up a lot around there are well, and had a fire to burn all the twigs.  Just forgot to take an after photo.
My own personal lumberjack will be cleaning out all the gutters next Saturday as finally nearly all the leaves are off the tree and I guess we should get the snow fences up while the weather is reasonably warm.

Getting the carpet laid in the family room today, so pretty excited about that!  

P.S. I have some new book reviews up on my Book Review Blog if anyone is interested?


Buttons said...

Oh there is so much to be done before the snow glad you have a lumberjack around :0 B

Nancy Claeys said...

We did quite a bit of wood-cutting this weekend as well -- love the view of your home also!

Rose said...

The after picture under the willow sure looks the other looked just as good...if not better.

boopnut said...

Oh, we have so much to do! Glad you guys got much done!