Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy again with this.......

Painting the kitchen.

 I painted it Fossil MSL227, from the Martha Stewart Living colours.  It is more green though than brown and looked a bit grey in certain light on the walls.  I am also going to paint the mud room the same colour.
I know I owe you all after photos of the family room,  I will get to those later in the week.


Jane and Chris said...

You can do ours when you are finished.
Jane x

boopnut said...

Fossil sounds interesting. I love paint names!

Jane said...

Hmmmm, I like it! I am looking for neutral colours - we have 15 gallons of paint waiting to be used (no colour added to them yet - bought them when they were on sale buy one get one free). We are busy getting our condo ready for resale. Big process!

sweetlocuslanefarm said...

I like it too Gill. Looking forward to those pictures!