Saturday, November 9, 2013

Patrick Swayze is very easy on the eyes, wouldn't you say?

Why I am bringing this up; the other day on tv the movie Roadhouse, which stars Patrick Swayze was on.

 I was doing some hand sewing at the time so I watched the movie while doing that.

Then when I was searching for The Cookies song on Youtube I stumbled across this song:

Which in turn reminded me of this fabulous scene in Dirty Dancing:

Think I need to take a shower now to cool off...LOL


angela said...

Oh yes very nice on the eyes, nd oh how sexy is that video

Buttons said...

He certainly was:) Hug B

Jane and Chris said...

My cousin was Patrick Swayze's double.He was a big hit at my 18th birthday party,especially with the girls in my class.However, he didn't dance like Patrick Swayze!
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Dirty Dancing... one of my all time favorite movies. Patrick was so handsome.

Jane said...

I've watched Dirty Dancing at least 10 times! He's veerrrrry appealing - his death was a huge loss.

Anne said...

Thanks for that!! You have made my day. My favourite romantic film ever is Dirty Dancing and that scene in particular.