Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our little Princess and other things.........

So our little Princess was seven months old, can you believe that, seems like only yesterday she came into this world.

I am going to see her today, as they are all going to India this coming weekend and I won't be seeing her mom or Nitara again until's a perfect time for her mom and Nitara to spend an extended time in India while her mom is on maternity leave.  I am so going to miss them all.  It could be a tearful goodbye today, as I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

On a brighter note, I went into one of the drawers last night to see if I had any American money from our last trip.  I found a couple of dollars in change which will be handy for the toll roads and $108 in notes...........YEAH!!!  That was a bonus as I had forgotten about it.  I also found a Best Western Hotel gift card that has over $30 on it.  I just have to call the number on the card to make sure it is still okay to use. If so we will stay at the Best Western Hotel in Florence, Kentucky on our way down.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday.  I was super busy all day as ds came over to help me in the garden.  I got him to whipper snip all the ditch for me as its a steep job and kills my hips and back.  In case you're wondering why I wanted that done, I am fed up to the back teeth of folk throwing garbage on our property on their way back from the cottages.  So I hope they will be discouraged if I keep the grass cut low.  Probably not but the shorter grass also makes it easier for me to pick up the garbage.

Most things I pick up are beer cans, Tim Hortons cups and water last week two big bags of Styrofoam and a large magnetic sign which said "Bacherlorette Party this way," which you put on your car!!!


Jane and Chris said...

People can become disgusting when they are in the country.We once came across two people (on man one woman)using the side of the road as a toilet...right on the edge of the road...THERE WERE TREES AND BUSHES they could have used!!'
Jane x

Sandi McBride said...

I know that you are going to miss the baby so much, I know how I would feel if my grandbaby was so far away for any length of time, but November? It will seem like forever...if you get to South Carolina or near Charlotte NC would love to meet you for lunch

Piece by Piece said...

She is adorable I can see why you will miss her.
People seem to loose all respect for the people and properties when they are travelling through the country. Wonder what they would say or do if the tables were turned.
Got your woollies out? it was down right cold last night.

Rose said...

Oh, it is hard to believe she is that old! She is just so adorable...I sure know how you feel about missing her while she is gone.

Lorelei was going to come here at least for tomorrow night...plans changed and it will be another day or two before she comes and I could have sat and bawled. Partly it just like the icing on the know how you have a bad day and then there is just one more negative thing that happens.

Evelyn said...

she is adorable! i can see why you are going to miss her. Tims cups are the biggest source of garbage anywhere.

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

What a pretty little girl. I can see why you would miss her. I hate litterbugs too and somehow half of our cities rubbish ends up on the front of our property! said...

You'll be sad when your dear ones are away; I guess the only consolation is that you can have a homecoming party when they get back! I live near a high school and the litter is terrible; I blamed the students until I realized a lot of people don't secure their garbage and recycling on pick-up day (or crows and gulls get into it) so it blows around.