Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of August already?

Where on earth did the month go to?  Have to admit I am not a fan of  July and August as I am drained with the heat and humidity. 

Mind you August was a great month for us personally as we paid off our mortgage.  We'll start to see the benefits of that in a month or so time, when things settle down.

Meanwhile I am so looking forward to the cooler Fall weather.  I am REALLY looking forward to the first frost; in the hopes I can stop taking bloody allergy pills!!!  Never had a summer like this one before for bad allergies.
I had an appointment for another lot of nerve testing on my hands and the conclusion is I need to see a specialist who deals with arthritis.  As we all know there is very little you can do with arthritis but live with it and keep moving the affected part (s) of you body to stop them seizing up.

September is going to be a good and busy month.  We have our vacation, the baby shower, sorting and tidying ready for the winter and of course we hope cooler temperatures.  It's also the start of Fall Fair season:

Do you look forward to September?


EG CameraGirl said...

I do look forward to September in many ways. It's a beautiful month, usually. But this summer hasn't been bad weatherwise compared to most summers.

Jane and Chris said...

You KNOW I don't!
Jane x

Evelyn said...

September is still pretty warm here thankfully. Fall is bittersweet, it has it's own beauty but I can't shake the thought that winter isn't too far behind.

Country Gal said...

I love the cool fresh fall air and all the colours it brings to us ! I have musculoskeletal arthritis and it throbs and aches from head to toe if it is cold and or damp , I get stiff if I don't move around and have to take anti inflammatory 's . Hope they can help you and relieve the pain a bit for you ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good weekend !

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I like the change of months as each one brings its own uniqueness. I like September as it usually mean the end to the awful heat and humidity, but the days are still lovely enough to be outside. I love the change of colour on the leaves as the month progresses. Enjoy the weekend. Congrats on paying off the mortgage ... it is a great feeling.

Rose said...

I look forward to October more than any thing, I think...and a few years November is wonderful.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Actually, September is still pretty hot here in Texas so my favorite month is October. I wish we could have October year around except for December.

Winifred said...

No I never look forward to the autumn, it means winter is coming. I hate it!

After such a gorgeous summer I can only feel really sad. Just hope next year is as good.

Hope your allergies improve Gill.