Friday, August 9, 2013

All about groceries, deals and food prices.......

Had to go into town and run some errands, plus go to my quilt club.

Called into a couple of places on my travels and picked up some grocery items.  I signed up on the Gay Lea website for their newsletter and I got a $2 off coupon for sour cream and a free product coupon for their squirty cream, so sign up as you may get one also.

I called into Sobeys as they had mushrooms on sale for 99 cents per 8oz package.  The sour cream was on sale for $1.99 a tub, so with the $2 coupon it was free.  Not sure if you can see on the package of cereal but there is a mail in offer for a $5 gas car, and that was on sale for $3.97.  Local new potatoes were on for $2.99 for 10 lbs.  The lunch meat was on for $1.99 for 500 grams.

All in all paid $10.92 for that; had $2 in coupon savings and earned 12 Sobey's points.

When I was in Cookstown I called in at Foodland to pick up a couple of things.  I had the free product coupon for the squirty cream so saved $3.99 there.  The Kraft Romano grated cheese was $6.99, but I had a $1 off coupon for that as well.  The liver was $2.36 and I plan on making liver casserole, that's why I bought the mushrooms.  I am a HUGE fan of black licorice and that was $2.49.  Foodland has a great deal on at the moment.  If you print out this coupon when you spend $10 at Foodland you can get a package of kabobs up to $8 for free.  I spent a total of $11.16, and had coupon savings of $11.86.

This is an interesting article:

Canadian consumers cope with dramatic increase in food prices.

"Inside an east-end No Frills around dinner time, customers are lining up with coupons and grocery carts full of discounted items.

But, these days, discount shopping isn’t necessarily enough to keep grocery bills low.
The price of food in Canada is steadily on the rise. The cost of basic staples such as bread, meat and eggs is increasing at a relatively rapid rate.

A recently-released report by Statistics Canada which looked at Canadian food prices between 2007-2012, found prices rose nearly twice the rate of the Consumer Price Index.

“The report showed that prices have increased at a cumulative rate of 19% over the last five years,” said Mark Brown, from the federal agency’s economic analysis division."

The rest of the article is here.  No wonder we are all struggling.


ChrisJ said...

"Squirty cream" -- I love it!!! :)

Evelyn said...

I agree one hundred percent with the article. My income has gone up but debt has increased because the children are growing and I am paying more in groceries. I will look at the coupons and to see if I can get the product and see if I can get the cereal coupon. Ironically my son works for Sobeys but doesn't get a discount. I spend 200 to 300 a week on groceries, drugs, cleaning supplies etc. it is ridiculous!

Jane and Chris said...

19%? I'm not surprised...but suspect it's more.
Jane x

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Prices are indeed crazy and too quick on the uprise. Even farm fresh eggs went up 50 cents all at once. Chicken Feed has gone up ... nuts, and thank goodness for coupons. I have really been taking advantage of those FREE kebob coupons and will my every shop to Foodland, as their prices here are nuts !!

Hawaii Planner said...

The food price increase has just gone crazy - that is for certain!

Paula said...

Too bad the farmers aren't getting any of this food price increase.

Our input costs keep going up but our 'pay cheque' stays the same or goes down.

No such thing as 'cost of living' increases for farmers.

angela said...

Food prices here in Australia have gone through the roof as well. I don't know how my kids are going to manage what with house prices at historic highs as well. Good job I can supply them with eggs and some fresh veggies in the summer, looks like its time to kill the fatted calf as well so at least they will get their freezers filled too. It just crazy out there

Connie said...

Thx Gill for posting the link.... nobody in Canada should have to resort to stealing food to eat, but with rising costs I can understand how this might be a last resort. The past 3 mths specifically I have spent more time tweaking the budget to accommodate the increase and those 50% pink stickers and 30% off meat are being incorporated. I'm eating less food also as I've gotten older, not a bad thing. :) Those free kebob coupons must be specific locations as there haven't been any available in my town in the GTA. I feel like I'm missing up. Keep up the fight trying to keep the costs down. Do any of you prepare recipes posted by Frugal Queen?