Sunday, August 25, 2013

What do you do the day after you pay off the mortgage?

Well you go shopping of course...LOL

Don't panic I didn't go crazy.  I needed a couple of things for our vacation.  I called in at Northern Reflections and picked up two t-shirts. The burgundy one was $7.99 and the yellow one was $5.99, so with 13% tax added on that came to $15.80.
We went to Sears also where I searched the sale rack and got the black and white capri's, which I think are Tanjay and paid after a further 40% discount $20.39 for.  The black ruffled top is also Tanjay, and again after the extra 40% discount came to $13.79.  The black and blue 3/4 sleeve t-shirts were under $15 each.  I cashed in $10 worth of Sears points (didn't know I had them?) and ds gave me a $10 discount coupon when you spend $25.  So all in all I paid $48.93 after including the 13% taxes.
It's not often I buy clothes so this is a splurge for me. Plus I got five tops and a pair of capri's for under $65.

We went to Herb n Sage in Barrie for lunch and had a breakfast for lunch.  Dh had the same except he has sausage.  It is so good and only $6.99 each.  If you are in Barrie at all this is well worth the visit. The bread is organic, the jam home made, and they fry their potatoes with a mix of herbs including rosemary that makes all the difference.
Finally I took this photo of when the sun was setting the other night.
Thanks also for all your good wishes re: paying off our mortgage I really appreciate them all.


Kaisievic said...

That is such exciting news - congratulations, Gill. So thrilling - love all of your new clothes and that breakfast looks scrumptious.

stitcheranon said...

I know what we did when we paid ours off: we breathed a huge sigh of relief and were thrilled that we hadnt fallen for the banking hype and took out an Irish loan for a gazzillion euros: when I was diagnosed, I breathed an even bigger sigh of relief because I knew the family would be ok. Congratulations sweetie: it pays to be sensible and work out what you need rather than what you want which is what few ever learn to do! xxxxxxx Enjoy your new mortgage free life!

saving for travel said...

Oh I love your spending-still savvy. No post mortgage madness!!!

I am so happy for you both.

Sft x

Evelyn said...

love the picture! also great bargains. i went to a thrift store yesterday, Value Village, and the used cloths were the same price of your new clothes. i have noticed thrift store prices are insane lately. also good work on the lunch, hubby and my son went to supper yesterday, spent 45 dollars on the two of them! not a high end place either. Your bargains inpire me !

Debby said...

Gill you are one special lady. I think when we get our home paid off I won't need new clothes I will be run around the streets nude doing a little dance!!! Once again congrats!!!!

Lena said...

It's the best when, after paying your mortgage, you have some money left to splurge and treat yourself :)

Rose said...

Funny that you had bacon and your husband had sausage...that is always the way when we have breakfast out. It is not that I don't like don't know why it is always that way.

You got a great deal on the clothes.

Emma Watts said...

It's a great feeling. Isn't it ?