Friday, August 30, 2013

Home of the week

This week's "Home of the Week," is actually very nice, but at $1.25 million a tad expensive as well.  I can see where the money has been spent though, but do wish they had left a few more of the Victorian details.  It is very bright and airy though and the garden is a delight.  I would figure there is no off street parking, it's not mentioned?  Overall though very nice.

If I won the lottery I would buy "The Cottage of the Week," at $3.3 million and live there all the time.  It's way over the top for an actual weekend visiting cottage, but I would love to have that house as a main home.  However as the chances of me winning the lottery are slim to nil. I can only dream.

The "Condo of the Week," is a $940,000 townhouse/loft/condo.  Hands up anyone who wants to live in a place where all you have are concrete walls and ceilings?  The marketing person who first thought this up is probably a saint in a builders world, as think of all the work the builder doesn't have to do and the money they saved by not having to drywall/plasterboard walls, finish and paint them.  I don't mind the open plan just don't like the whole concept.  For me to move into that place all the walls and ceilings would have to be finished.

Not bad this week, I actually liked two out of the three, things are looking up.


Buttons said...

Oh I love the home of the week. B

Jane and Chris said...

Love the cottage,but the leather furniture would have to go. That kitchen is AMAZING !
Jane x

Rose said...

I LOVE that cottage...and the bunkie would be my quilt studio! (If I owned it, you could come visit!)