Thursday, August 29, 2013

It always amazes me how much money can flow through my fingers in a short time

On Wednesday I decided to run some errands in town.  I try and bunch a number of things together so not to waste gas and time. 

The first order of business was the bank; had a cheque to deposit and get the cash out for the week.  Next popped into the corner store to pick up dh's Lotto Max ticket for him.  He gets one every week and this past week won a huge, whopping $2, so that "only" cost me $4.

Next went to the Post Office, as I wanted them to hold our mail while we are on vacation.  That cost me $22.50 (or there abouts) plus I decided to buy a 6 pack of international stamps, which came to around $12.50.  So, so far I have spent $39.

I call in at the gas station and fill up the 25 litre gas tank for the lawn tractor and put gas in my car.  Got gas at $1.263 a litre and spent $50 there.  Now up to $89.

Call into the grocery store to pick up a couple of things, including ice cream, as dh loves his ice cream.  Ended up spending $35 there???

On the way home I called into the coffee shop as I needed something sweet and picked up an orange cruller (click link for recipe) so that cost $1.

So all in all in less than an hour I ended up spending $125 just like that and have very little to show for it (SIGH)

By the time I give dh some money for the week and put my money in the jars, I am left with $65 to last me until a week on Friday ((SIGH))  Guess I am going to have to try and be thrifty this week!!


Evelyn said...

not bad actually as i can go into a grocery store and spend 300 in an hour. Getting my car MVI done today so probably spending 400 in an hour. Makes you realize that it isn't hard to spend!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I am surprised you have to pay to have your mail service stopped while away. Ouch. Guess we are very lucky's part of the service to customers. Bess in MA

Frugaldom said...

Isn't it much scarier looking at what we can spend in an hour as opposed to what we can earn in an hour? Not sure of the Canadian $ rate to the GB £ but it sounds like an expensive hour, to me.

Hope you enjoy your holiday. :)

Piece by Piece said...

The money just seems to flow through the fingers doesn't it.
Received my vehicle license renewal in the mail today,(not due until Nov,) and this year I need to have the emissions test done. Keeping fingers crossed no major work is needed before I can get the permit. Today is Aug 29th. long holiday weekend, so there is no way I am getting the test done before Set 1st when the price of the permit goes up. $$$$$$$
Should be thankful I have the means to own a car, buy the permit, gas, insurance, repairs, oil changes, change the Summer tires to Winter and back again, wash it in the Winter when it's too darn cold to do it myself....... wait...maybe it would be cheaper to hire a taxi. LOL
Have a great holiday weekend.

Lena said...

That's how it usually is. Before you know it, you spend $100 without even noticing!

Rose said...

I can beat you--not sure about the time. But would be close to about an hour...I just spent $25 on was $3.39 per gallon...and then to Walmart to pick up half a dozen items...came out with $133 worth of stuff. Some of it I would have been buying next just got it while there. Had to buy in cartridges for printer...I got two of them...and they are almost $12 each. They were my most expensive items...just cannot believe how fast money goes.

50 and counting said...

I've stopped paying Canada Post for holding my mail. I get my friend to come by and check the superbox when she checks the house.

Stamps are getting so expensive, that I've started buying a book a payday to put away for Christmas.

Sandi McBride said...

I can't even go into a dollar store without spending a small fortune...sisters of the wallet?