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Thursday, March 15, 2012

An exciting day today....

This afternoon I get my cast off.....YEAH!!!  The 2 + weeks has actually gone by pretty fast, but I am glad to be getting the cast off, as it's getting dirty and smelly.  I will still have another month to go where I am not supposed to lift more than 10lbs. 

It's worked out well, as the better weather is arriving and I am itching to get out into the garden.  We only have one patch of snow still left to melt.  Wednesday was the first time since the end of October that we haven't had the wood stove on.  Now if it was up to dh he would have put it on, but as I was sitting in my t-shirt I think he knew it would be over kill.  If I had my way I would also turn the heating off, but that would cause a mutiny in this house!!!

My hoover is working overtime, getting rid of the cluster flies again on Wednesday.  I prefer to hoover them up, rather than squishing them, as it makes a mess.

I got "involved" in a conversation on another site with a lady in Quebec who is finding it hard to keep her grocery shopping bill down every week.....sound familiar?  She was saying due to her not having much selection of stores in her town and grocery stores having different sale dates, she is shopping a few times per week.

9 times out of 10 I go grocery shopping once per week.  If I don't get it during that time tough I won't get it.  How about you how many times do you go grocery shopping per week and why?

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I hardly grocery shop much, once a week to pick up milk, maybe a deal or two if the price is right. We are trying really hard to eat from the graden and what I put up or from local farmers, grocery prices have gotten CRAZY

It will be great to get your cast off, freedom! Because I have very limited space on the boat and a tiny fridge, I have to shop at least twice a week, but I do try to Ealing plan and shop carefully x

I can imagine your relief at losing the plaster cast. Don't overdo the housework.

I do one major shopping per month, normally the week that Welfare checks and Retirement payments are made, because that seems to be the week of deals. (last week in the month here) Since I have to take my Dat grocery shopping each week, I go to No Frills with him and get my fresh produce then. I try and spend $300. a month on grocerys including pet food for a family of five, three adults and two children. I also have a budget of $75./month for drug store stuff, which includes TP, tissues and anything NOT a food idem. Like Gill I get my weekly specials at Shoppers. Love those points!

I do my major shopping once a month, the week of Welfare checks and retirment checks because the better deals are that week ( last week in Ont). Since my Dat goes grocery shopping each week I bring him to No Frills and get fresh produce weekly. I try hard to spend $300/month for a family of five, two dogs and two cats ( include their food in groceries). I spend $75/month at Shopper's specials only. This is for drug and household related items such as TP and tissues. I make my own cleaners and detergents. Love the points there!

I make out lists and stick to them. Lists based on meals and needs only. I also stock pile every month on specials that are too good to overlook, but incorperate them in my lists and menues.

The only two times it never works well for me is January where I tend to stock up too much because of all the dollar deals in the grocery stores, and feb. Both months because produce is expensive. But it even out come summer when I am well below $300/month

I coupon only for items I use a lot. I don't buy because of the coupon.

As I was taking Mercedes out this morning I was just thinking how nice it is with no flys swarming on the inside of the basement door. Love those fly stickers. Upstairs I Kenmore them from the windows, lol. Congrats on the cast off. Grocery shop here maybe once a week or not sometimes

Those two weeks have gone by fast, take it easy.
I shop once a week with a list, going in the grocery store more often than that I am tempted to pick up things that I really don't need.
No snow here, thunderstorms today, if it dries up a bit, I may be able to get into some of my flower beds next week.

Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you...
Hppy birthday dear Gi..ill
Happy birthday to you!
Jane xx


great news about your cast. Bet you are really ready for it coming off.

I shop once or twice a week for perishables and always end up spending too much.

dont over do it after all it is your birthday all the best nick

Once a week for the grocery shopping, sometimes I can stretch it to two! I haven't had to run to the store inbetween time! I'm going to be trying one of the nearby "Farmer's Markets" this week, which will mean a trip to the "market" and the "grocery". So happy your cast is coming off....wow that 2 weeks really did fly by fast!

I usually do one or two main grocery shopping trips per month, but run to the store for milk and bread. It helps because we are about a mile from the grocery...small town. If not, would not be running like that.

Glad the cast is coming off!!

We managed to get most of the front garden cleaned up this week. Hopefully we'll do the back next week.

Since there's only 2 of us and the cat, and we're no longer working we tend to buy groceries as we need. Probably not the best plan but it works for us.

Well done Gill, I've been reading your progress, its just that spring has arrived here and I am in the garden every spare moment. Good luck with yours and do not over do it in excitement!


Congrats on the cast finally coming off! What a relief for you. I generally try to shop only once a week these days - I'm getting smarter that way. I used to enjoy it, but I'm finding it just a big pain in the neck more often than not. Not least because I can spend $100 and leave with two bags of things. Ridiculous...

I shop once a week at the superstore, we only have the superstore and sobeys, neither has very good bargains. I shop on payday but have to pick up milk, bread etc a couple times the rest of the week. I have two teen boys, if I stockpile too much the boys will just eat it. i spend 1000 a month and believe me that doesn't include many convenience foods (unless they are a super good deal) I include pharmacy and cleaning stuff in that amount. Maybe it is just those of us east of Ontario that have the most problems as our prices are much higher and deals are fewer?
WTG on getting the cast off! we got two feet of snow last night so no bare patches

Congrats on getting your cast off...I usually shop twice a week-on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It just works better with sales here.

Good news about the cast! And Happy Birthday if it is actually your b-day :) I shop once a week, but make special trips to other stores if their specials are worth it.

Good for you on getting your cast off! As for grocery shopping, I usually go once a week, unless I run out of something halfway through the week, like milk or cereal.

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